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A Personal Life Update

Nobody reads this stupid little blog of mine, so I figured I would post a personal update on my life. So long story short, I lost both of my parents in 2022. They died only a few short months apart, for totally different reasons. My father had an “assisted suicide” due to a longstanding heart […]

Mac vs PC: Why I Switched To Mac OS

As a long-time Windows user, I’ve always had a fair bit of a distaste for Apple. Despite the MacBook being one of my first ever laptops all the way back in 2007, and with me owning a second generation iPod Touch in 2008, I’ve avoided pretty much everything Apple ever since. That is, until recently. […]

Xbox Wireless Headset Review

The Xbox Wireless Headset isn’t that great. The audio quality is very bass heavy, to a point where you will be required to modify the EQ if you want a more neutral soundstage. This is, seemingly, the entire point for the headset to exist, since the thing is a “gamer headset”. Why gamers like sub-par […]

Oh Hey, I’m Still A Thing!

Now that 2020 is finally over, I figured I’d post something to this here bloggy thing. So yeah. This is me. Posting. A thing. Yay? Alright. So, due to a series of unfortunate events involving spiders, I no longer have a computer. I’m posting this from my phone, because apparently that’s a thing? So anyway… […]

Google Stadia Review

Manufacturer: Google Release Date: November 19th, 2019 Price: $130 USD The Goods No latency; Controller feels really good to hold. The Bads Poor game lineup; Missing features; Questionable advertising practices; Not as powerful as advertised The Finals Google Stadia works surprisingly well, but is effectively a paid-for beta in its current form. With even the [...]

GIGABYTE Aero 15X V8-BK4 Review Update

{{ vc_btn: title=Buy+On+Amazon&color=peacoc&align=center&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.amazon.com%252FGigabyte-Aero-15X-v8-BK4-GeForce%252Fdp%252FB07BSXCCHK%7C%7Ctarget%3A%2520_blank }} Manufacturer:  GIGABYTE Model:  Aero 15X v8-BK4 CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB DDR4 2600 Storage: 512GB M.2 SSD Battery Life: 8-10 Hours, 3-5 Gaming The Goods Sleek and slim aluminium design, Strong gaming performance, Small screen bezel; 144Hz 1080p screen, Plenty of ports The Bads Nose-cam [...]

GIGABYTE Aero 15X V8-BK4 Review

Is the Gigabyte Aero 15X worth it? Find out in my review rundown!

Did you know…

…that the cow says ‘OINK!’?

Opinionated Opinions of an Uneducated Individual Gentleman

This blog of mine is something of an unusual place, where I can attempt to express myself without worrying about having thousands or millions of people reading my words. You see, no one but my cat knows that this blog even exists, and even my cat (being the demonic she-devil that she is) doesn’t give […]

How to get free review copies of games and become a game reviewer

Hey there, so you’re looking to become a game reviewer, huh? Good choice! I’ve been writing for the game industry for nearly ten years now, and while the job can at times get very hard and tedious, it can also be very rewarding and fun. Hopefully this article acts as a guide of sorts for […]

These four walls of despair

Death is something that’s constantly plaguing the back of my twisted little mind. It’s there, stinking up the joint, and acting as a constant reminder of my past mistakes and endless transgressions. I’ve done things that I’m not proud of, and I unfortunately now find myself standing upon the ledge of truth and dishonesty. You […]

*sigh* Windows 10 Creators Update is total shit

Microsoft, you’ve successfully managed to once again fuck up my computer with your corrupted operating system. Thanks for that, you jerks! D: The Creators Update was pushed to me, and I had no choice but to install it. Let me tell you, it’s trash. Total and complete fucking trash. This thing? Yeah, it lowers game […]

I’m still alive, I think?

Sorry for the crap activity on this blog lately, but I mean, can you blame me? I’m the only human reading this thing, with the other lifeform being my ungrateful bastard of a feline companion. (aka cat)

This is how I broke my lefterior anklieous

Okay, so this isn’t really an article. I’m just writing this out of boredom, and lack of sleep. Figured I’d do a sort of experiment to see how many other bored users of Le Reddit are Googling lefterior anklieous. So, yeah. If you’re from reddit, hi… Now piss off, and go back to Reddit. My blog […]

I’ve been on a space binge

Alright, so here’s the thing, yeah? Space is freaking huge. I mean, you probably knew that already, but just in case you’re an idiot, I figured I’d mention it anyway. Space has always fascinated the absolute crap out of me. I mean, dude? Most of the stars we see floating in the sky? Yeah, they’re […]

Nintendo Won’t Exist In Ten Years, Unless Some Changes Are Made Now

(article was originally scheduled to publish on Jul 16th, but in the wake of Satoru Iwata’s untimely death, the publication was delayed)   It seems like Nintendo is always doomed, with analysts predicting time and time again that the last Nintendo console, was the last Nintendo console. Every single time, Nintendo proved them wrong. Analysts would then leave Nintendo alone […]

Information on giveaways (first comment gets a game)

I’ve been super busy with stuff, and haven’t had any time to post here. Do you have it in your heart to forgive me? 🙂 So anyway, giveaways. That’s pretty much all this here blog thing is for, since pretty much all of you are here for the free loot. So, you should be happy […]

Remembering OnLive – One Year Later

OnLive was a revolutionary technology, that provided cloud video gaming services to anyone, on any device. Because OnLive streamed all of your games over a broadband internet connection, gamers were able to play even the most graphically demanding games, on pretty much any computer. If your computer was capable of streaming 720p HD video, you could […]

Okay, this shit has got to stop, Microsoft!

Now, if you’ve read any of my previous articles on the matter, you’ll know that I am not a fan of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10. This thing has been so insanely bad, it even got me to switch on over to Ubuntu Linux, at least for a little while. However, you may have also […]

Random Giveaway: March 2016

Alright, so here’s the thing, yeah? Instead of giving away a predetermined game, like I’ve been doing since 2013, I’ve decided to instead give away a totally random game from a pool. To enter, simply leave a comment on this article.  Terms & Conditions Please read these terms and conditions carefully, as failure to do […]

PlayStation 4 kinda sucks

Seriously, this little unit doesn’t have much going for it right about now. Clear lack of must have software aside, the PS4 is just a finicky and highly temperamental unit. Like, earlier today, my power happened to flicker for less than a second. My Xbox One and Wii U weren’t affected by this, which I’m […]

Like Games? Check Out Gaming Rant

Gaming Rant, for those of you that may be unfamiliar with my history, is a website that I’ve been operating for over six years. This blog wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Gaming Rant’s success, since I created this blog as a secondary means to write content not particularly related to the video game industry. […]

An Xbox Live Rant, By a Long Time Gold Member

If you’re not up to date, Xbox Live on the Xbox One has been having some serious issues over the last couple of days, and up until now, it never really affected me. Sure, I wasn’t able to socialize with my online buddies, but at least I could still play my downloaded video games, albeit […]

I get $1 per month on ad revenue

Currently, I’m making huge bucks with this here blog thingy. On average, I make roughly $1 each and every month, all via advertisements! I mean, how cool is that, huh? 😀 Seriously, AdSense is great, if you’re getting 50,000 hits or more per month. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it. I could very well remove […]

Upcoming changes to newsletter

If you’re currently subscribed to my email newsletter, you’ll receive instant notifications whenever a new article is published. Unfortunately, this also means that my more nonsensical articles are sent directly to your inbox, and depending on my mood, there could be multiple articles every couple of minutes. This is all ell and good, but it […]

You should buy Firewatch

Firewatch is an absolutely brilliant video game, and while I am currently writing up a review, I simply couldn’t wait to praise this wonderful work of art. If you haven’t already, you need to pick this up. While the game isn’t perfect, which I’ll touch on in my upcoming review, it’s by far the best […]

Giving Away Games on Twitch

Hey guys, check out my (currently live) Twitch broadcast! I’ve already given away one game. Who will the next one go to? 😀 twitch.tv/sidular

Random Flash Giveaway

The first person to comment will receive a free random video game. Pretty snazzy, right?

Random Giveaway [February 2016]

Alright, so here’s the thing, yeah? Instead of giving away a predetermined game, like I’ve been doing since 2013, I’ve decided to instead give away a totally random game from a pool. To enter, simply leave a comment on this article.    Terms & Conditions Please read these terms and conditions carefully, as failure to […]

I think I’m falling in love with myself. Does that make me tysexual?

Dear Random Individual

If you’re a video game developer, and would like to have your game played by the awesomeness that is Ty, please get in contact with me. I’d be willing to freely promote your game both on this here blog thingy,  as well as in video recordings and/or live streaming. Any blog articles I write of […]

This needs to be optimized…

Alright, so my blog is in desperate need of optimization, thanks to the recent template changes that I oh so wisely made. Currently, everything appears to be very slow. At least, it seems to be on my end. What are your experiences with loading my blog? Is it just as fast as usual, or is […]

Just testing a new design thingy

  I‘ve gone ahead and modified the site design, for no particular reason whatsoever.  Consider the new design to be some type of beta thing, since I’m going to continue to modify it until I’ve got everything just right. I’m also noticing a few bugs that may need to be squashed, so there’s that, too. […]

Future of giveaways on this blog (first two comments get a free game)

I know a fair number of my readers are mostly here for the free loot. I also know that you’ve long since forsaken me, given the lack of free loot in recent times. See, free loot ain’t free for me, since I gotta pay for it out of my own pocket. Sadly, I’m poor, and […]

Changes to blog structure

Alright, so here’s the deal. I’m short on time as of late, and haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and write a personal article for this here blog thing. Sadly, I’ve also lost some of my original journalistic inspiration. So, motivation plays a key part to my inactivity on here as well. Originally, this […]

Sometimes, I hate working

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. However, sometimes shit breaks, and I have to fix it. Over the last two weeks, so basically all of 2016 so far, I’ve been working day and night to fix something. I swear, my brain feels like it’s about to explode, and yet… oddly, I love every […]

Why I stopped using Windows 10, and started using Ubuntu

Oh dear, it’s finally come to this, has it? I never thought that this would ever happen, to be entirely honest with you. Sure, I joked around every once in awhile, but I never thought I’d actually jump ship to another operating system. Yet, the problems I’ve been facing with my retail version of Windows 10… […]

Here’s a Rogue Legacy Review

To play, or not to play. That's what I seek to answer. Ty Reviews is a new segment where I write a general review without giving too much away.  Rogue Legacy is far from your typical video game. Sure, you've got a randomly generated castle to explore, as well as a bunch of unique enemies to [...]

Site design; changes?

I’m probably going to end up changing things around a bit, as the theme I was once using is apparently no longer being supported by its designers.

Information on the monthly giveaways

I will no longer be giving away video games on a monthly basis, as made pretty obvious by the lack of, you know, giveaways. Instead, I’m looking to work with select developers and publishers, in the hopes that they’d be willing to donate a key or two for one of their video games. Ultimately, it […]

Qwerty derp

Okay so this is just a quick post. Basically, I hate it when virtual keyboards, whether it’s data entry in some type of video game, or a default keyboard style for a major video game console, are alphabetical and not qwerty. I mean, how hard can it be to include a qwerty keyboard for data […]

Android broken?

Since upgrading my phone to the latest version of Android, everything has been super slow, and my phone has been getting extremely warm. Currently sits at 43.1 Celsius. Also, WiFi keeps crashing, and occasionally my phone will do a full restart for seemingly no reason. It just turns off and back on by itself. I […]

Dear PlayStation: This is why I hate you

Warning: this article contains poorly written journalism, opinions that may differ from your own, and strong feelings. Read at your own risk! If you know anything at all about me, or if you've read any of my previous articles, you're likely more than aware of just how much I love playing video games. Hell, I [...]

Antimagnetism: Finding the Opposite Force

Magnetism is a natural force within the universe, separate from gravity, though in a similar category. Magnetism has both a negative and a positive value, or so we currently believe. But what if magnetism acts as a single force, and that this ability to push or pull depending on side is nothing but a single […]

Why don’t we have a Hamster Simulator?

Goats, toast, octopuses, rats. It seems like everything nowadays has some type of simulation game to go along with it. So, why the hell hasn’t anyone made a Hamster Simulator? Seriously, I really don’t get it. With how insanely popular the other simulators are, why hasn’t anyone ever considered making a hamster simulator? I’d make […]

Look at these pizza lovin’ cats 😀

I got bored, so enjoy these pizza cats.  

A Random Moon: Rainbow of Light

If you look high up into the sky at this very moment, just as I am doing right now, you will see what is commonly referred to as a super moon. If you were among the lucky few, you’ll have noticed a slight tinge of red covering the moon, almost like a sea of crimson […]

Another “Windows 10 Sucks” Article

Hello, you miss me? Didn’t think so. But I don’t care. I’m too annoyed to care. Know why? Because Windows 10 is a horrible operating system. I’ve tried to be relatively subjective, but no; it’s the worst operating system I have ever used. It requires daily restarts to work. Oh, and I’m fairly certain that […]

Windows 10 Review: By a Non-American

If you've read my last article, you'll know that I am not happy with Windows 10. In fact, I still strongly stand behind my original statement of Windows 10 being the worst operating system I have ever used, if not the worst of all time. Yes, that means it's even worse than Vista, which is quite an amazing [...]

Windows 10 is a broken, buggy, mess!

Windows 10 is the second worst operating system I have ever used. I’d even go as far as to say that Windows 10, in its current form, is barely a hair above Vista. Let’s face it, nothing can be worse than Vista, and yet, Windows 10 is the closest thing to it.   On one […]

If I were Nintendo’s CMO, I’d be fired in a day

This is why I would never make it as Chief Marketing Officer for Nintendo. Me: “Hey Nintendo, if you sign on with FIFA, and push the TVii service in Europe, you could see anywhere from 10 million to 100 million sales in Europe alone.” Nintendo: “Yes, but what about the games?” Me: “Well, with the added […]

How to create a website in under twenty minutes

Having your own website is something of a social status within today’s society. Whether it’s a blog, like this one, or some kind of professional storefront for your online business. Everyone, no matter age nor gender, should be able to easily create and manage a website.  That’s why I’ve written out this easy to follow guide. This whole process […]

If you have PlanetSide 2 on PC, don’t bother with PS4

PlanetSide 2 is arguably one of my all time favourite games on PC, and for good reason. It has vehicle combat, awesomely epic gun battles, and literally thousands of players to shoot at. When Sony Online Entertainment (now known as Daybreak Studios) first announced that their hallmark FPS title was heading to the PS4, I was […]

Check Out My Review Scores!

Don’t trust IGN, or one of those other jerk review websites. Instead, trust my 100% accurate opinion on what’s good, and what’s bad! https://www.tyharvey.com/reviews/

Rogue Legacy Giveaway Winner [May 2015]

Congratulations to Tyler on winning a totally free and awesome copy of Rogue Legacy via Steam, provided by Cellar Door Games! I hope you enjoy your copy of Rogue Legacy! Seriously, the game is pretty amazing. 😀 I’ve gone ahead and contacted you on Steam.

Splatoon Miiverse – Hacked?

The Splatoon Pre-launch community is supposed to be restricted only to Nintendo’s Tom and Amy, so why is it that a seemingly random individual was able to post to this private community without Nintendo’s knowledge of consent? Well, the answer is actually quite simple, and involves what could be a mere misunderstanding, rather than a […]

Hands On with the Nintendo NX

PlayStation and Xbox both have their own unique controllers, but over the last twenty years, they’ve remained mostly the same in design. Sure, the DualShock 4 received a fairly major overhaul with the introduction of the PlayStation 4 in 2013, but it’s still using the same general shape, button layout, and design that they’ve been […]

PlayStation Now Doesn’t Suck!

Now, I could complain about the price and lack of content, or I could bitch about the PlayStation device requirement… But God damn, it works. It actually works, Wilma! Ain’t that a charm? PlayStation Now is expensive, sure. It doesn’t offer much value for the high price tag. It doesn’t even offer multiple payment terms, […]

May 2015 Giveaway – Rogue Legacy (via Steam)

[laborator_supercaption el_position="first"]Rogue Legacy Giveaway![/laborator_supercaption] This month, I'm giving away the highly acclaimed indie rogue-lite platformer, Rogue Legacy! Personally, Rogue Legacy is by far one of my all-time favourite video games, right up there with the original Super Mario Brothers. So, it's an absolute pleasure to be able to give this wonderful indie gem away to one lucky [...]

Five Nights at Freddy’s Giveaway Winner [April 2015]

Congratulations to stelian for winning the complete Five Nights at Freddy’s series via Ty’s Blog! I’ve sent you a friend request on Steam. Once accepted, I’ll be able to send you your three awesome games. 😀   Remember to keep an eye out for May’s giveaway announcement.

Winner announcement delayed… Again.

Sorry guys, my computer is still unavailable, and it looks like it might remain that way for another ten hours. So, I’m delaying the giveaway winner announcement until tomorrow May 3rd.

Yup, still got computer problems…

This is really starting to annoy me. Anyway, the giveaway winner will in fact be announced today. Just as soon as I’m finished running a preboot system assessment. Oh, and expect a new giveaway announcement shortly, too.

Giveaway winner…

Will be selected tomorrow! Heh, yeah. Sorry guys, but my computer decided to crash, so I’m doing extensive maintenance today. Figured I’d be done by now, but it’s taking longer than I expected. In the mean time, I’ve been playing some Bloodborne. Pretty sweet game. Highly recommend checking it out. Oh, and yes. The featured […]

Doing some computer maintenance

Hey guys, I’m writing from the WordPress app right now, as I’m doing some maintenance on my computer. I’m running a CHKDSK on my hard disk drive, and it may take a while. Once it’s done, I’ll announce the April giveaway, winner. Wish me luck!

Steam + Mods = No

As most of you are likely already aware, Valve’s Steam service is now allowing the sale of user created modifications for select Steam Workshop titles. Currently, this is limited to just Skyrim, though the list is expected to expand as time moves on, and more developers / publishers join the fray. Of course, this created […]

So, EA Access is actually good… Surprising, right?

They are Electronic Arts. They’ve been around since the very beginning of the industry. They were here before the Nintendo Entertainment System. They saw the video game industry crash in 1983, and they did what Atari couldn’t; they survived and prospered. Today, they publish some of the top video game franchises of all time. The Sims, […]

Happy Holidays!

Yes, I’m a holiday. You all have today off, in celebration of my birthday. Congrats, you cowards. So go, drink until you’re sober. You’ve earned it.   ps. today I am 22.

Bloodborne is… fantastic?

I have mixed feelings, to be entirely honest with you. On one hand, the game looks visually fantastic. I just love the gothic atmosphere, and the enemy design is amazing. The difficulty is something that I’m currently uncertain about. Now, I’ll admit that the game is hard, and if you’re outnumbered by enemies, odds are […]

April 2015 Giveaway – Five Nights at Freddy’s Series (via Steam) [closed]

[laborator_supercaption el_position="first"]Five Night at Freddy's Franchise Giveaway![/laborator_supercaption] I'm going to change things up a bit. Rather than giving away a single game, I'm giving away the entire Five Nights at Freddy's franchise! That's three games, one winner.   Before you mindlessly enter, please be sure to read the below terms and conditions.   Provided By Ty [...]

I Hate That I Was Right – Goodbye OnLive

Back in 2014, I wrote an opinion piece about OnLive, where I ultimately said that they were going to fail. This article got me quite a bit of hate over at the OnLive forums, and one of their high ranking administrators ended up falsely banning me, being under the assumption that I originally posted my […]

Spotify Sucks, Goodbye PlayStation Music!

Spotify is a broken service that shouldn’t even be around, and that’s especially true on the PlayStation 4. On the computer, it seems to be fairly decent. You search for an album, add it to your music collection, and you’re ready to listen. Sure, Rdio does it better, but Spotify is a good enough match […]

Battlefield: Hardline – My Thoughts

No, this isn’t a rage article. I’m not going to mention the oh so many faults that the latest Battlefield entry has, such as the lack of classic game modes, and an outdated and poorly optimized game engine. Also, this isn’t a review, even though I do technically give it a score later on. This […]

This blog is meh

So, I just don’t know what to do with this blog thingy. On one hand, I enjoy writing nonsense, while on the other, no one seems to be willing to read my nonsense. I’d love to be able to somehow get hundreds of readers, though I seriously doubt that’s going to happen. The giveaways I […]

Sony’s Music Unlimited Discontinued – Becomes Spotify?

So yeah, it seems as though Sony’s wonderful Music Unlimited service, which was required if you wanted to play music on the PlayStation 4, is closing down as of March 29th. According to Sony, they’re going to introduce an entirely new music service, which just so happens to be called Spotify. Now, Music Unlimited was rarely […]

Thank You Rdio – You’re Awesome

Three years ago today, Rdio changed my music life forever. I’ve happily listened to tens of thousands of songs, and have hundreds of albums in my Collection. I’ve rediscovered classic tunes from my childhood, and have expanded my music listening habit into a full-on addiction. Rdio allowed me to listen to not only great music, but […]

Dear EA: This Level of “Support” Is Unacceptable!

Alright, so Electronic Arts. You know who they are, and you know the horror stories. Personally, I’ve actually had some fairly decent live support chats with them in the past, but I now officially understand why everyone continues to rate EA as the worst company in America. I mean, really? This level of support is […]

Just a little rant about something that won’t interest you

Now, tell me if this feels fair to you. When the PlayStation Network was taken down over the holidays, Sony ended up giving out a free five day PS Plus extension to everyone affected, as well as a 10% off discount for any PS Store purchase made between January 23rd, and January 26th. That’s a […]

Listen up, boys and girls. I’m going to teach you a little something about kitty sexuality

When a girl finds another girl sexually attractive, she’s a lesbian. When the lesbian meets another lesbian, it is customary to engage in various mating rituals, until both are satisfied with their newfound partner. They then proceed to have sexy fun times with each other in an intimate nature. This is normal. What is not normal, is […]

This is what boredom does to an otherwise insane mind

This entire post shouldn’t exist, and yet it does. I really don’t know why I’m writing an obviously idiotic post about nothing at all… perhaps I’m just insane, and the boredom of being awake at 4 o’clock in the morning has driven me to write my insanity down onto a virtual paper, taking the form […]

Blog Maintenance

But no one cares about that, right? Anyway, the blog will be in maintenance mode for a few hours later in the evening.

So, regarding the giveaways?

Specifically the giveaway that has yet to be, you know, given away?  Yeah, I was just wondering what you guys thought of that? I mean, there’s already a damn sequel to that game, so should I even bother with the giveaway at this point? Or perhaps I should just move on, and start giving out […]

PlayStation Now Subscription Plan? Uh, no thanks.

Today, Sony announced that their PlayStation Now cloud streaming service would be available for $19.99 a month,and would include 100 PS3 games at launch. The service will only be accessible on the PlayStation 4, with more devices being added in the near future, including the PlayStation Vita. While I have no doubt that PlayStation Now’s […]

Rogue Legacy is super-duper-freaking-awesomazing!

While most video game development studios design games because of their love for the video game industry, Cellar Door Games is different. They don’t care about the industry, or the awesome art of pixels and polygons. No,they have different priorities. Cellar Door Games wants you to rage your freaking butt off, which is why they […]

Controller Battle: PS4 vs XOne vs Wii U vs OnLive

Among the hundreds if not thousands of articles, you’ve managed to stumble upon this little piece of editorial paradise. A part of me feels sorry for your obviously horrible luck, while the other part wishes you’re crazy enough to stick around, and read this article in full. I won’t judge you if you were to […]

If you’re Canadian, do NOT use Cogeco as your ISP

It’s common belief that I am an awesome (if not a tad egotistical) individual. It’s also common fact that I am, without a doubt, the most awesomest of all awesomes. That’s just the way things are. So, when I tell you that Cogeco is an Internet Service Provider that should be avoided, you should take […]

Android 5.0 Sucks

I’m typing this entire article on a fully updated Nexus 5. That is, I’m running the latest version of Android, and have been using it for several days like the good guinea pig that I am. Honestly, I hate essentially being the beta tester for a firmware update, as this version of Android broke more […]

This blog has literally no logical or perhaps even illogical reason to exist within the digital realms of the internet. Also, apparently the title for this very article is quite long. Not sure why it’s so long, but it is. Perhaps I’m just bored? Yes, I’m bored. That must be it.

I seriously question the sanity of those that read this blog, myself included. I mean, there’s only like, five or so people reading this blog, and they are all (probably) clinically insane. Either I am truly that entertaining to read, or people are just fucking bored. Either way, you’re generating me ad revenue, and I thank you for […]

Status: Bored and Cold

Okay, so it’s winter. Yes, that means shit gets cold, and in turn, it also means I get cold. Which sucks, because being cold means I’m no longer warm, which also means I need to wear heavier clothing to stay warm, which means I end up wearing more clothes, which means I end up looking […]

Fanboys and Elitism

This blog is essentially dead, so I no longer have to censor myself. Though, even if the blog were not dead, I honestly doubt I’d care about censoring anything. I’m now at that point where I stopped giving a fuck, and am now questioning why humanity as a whole managed to survive beyond the dark […]

PlayStation Network Rant

I would like to start this post off by saying sorry. I won’t hold myself back, as this has been bothering me for months. Now, I know I’ve lost most of my readers, so I won’t even bother pretending to entertain you with my wonderful wits and sense of humour. Quite simply, I’m too damn […]

Site Updates Coming Soon

First off, I’d like to apologize for my inactivity since October. I’ve also yet to announce the giveaway winner, and I’m sorry for that, too. My blog has been an absolute mess thanks to WordPress updating. The theme I’m currently using is no longer supported, which sucks because this template is pretty damn awesome.   […]

ShortStory: Perfect Rebirth

Why do I live, when I am nothing more than an insignificant form of life. Broken. Twisted. Demented. Why do I breath the unforgiving air that surrounds me, when I know that the sour scent of my own burning desires is all that I would ever inhale. It’s as if god is punishing me for […]

Human Medium: Electric Earth – Part 2

The blue bolt of spiritual lightning bounced over my stretched out hand, and made its way up my arm and into my body. Although the bolt took less then a second to pass through me, the emotional reaction to my internal spirit seemed to never have an end. The lightning bolt has collected the emotions […]

September 2014 Giveaway – Five Nights at Freddy’s (via Steam)

[laborator_supercaption el_position="first"] Five Night at Freddy's Giveaway! [/laborator_supercaption] Hey guys, sorry about the week-long delay. Unfortunately, this is going to be my last monthly giveaway. Don't worry though, I'm still going to give stuff out, just not on a monthly basis anymore. I may also start giving out subscriptions to services like OnLive, or a few [...]

OnLive – Yet Another Article

Alright, I know some of you guys are sick of me talking about the OnLive game service. Hell, I’ve been fairly negative towards it, and have a bit of a reputation within the OnLive community as being some type of low-life loser. (someone even tried to get me banned by pretending to be me, so there’s […]

DayZ Giveaway Winner [August 2014 Giveaway]

Alright, so here’s the deal. I couldn’t afford to purchase the game, so instead, I’m giving away a free copy of….   Kidding. I’d never do that to you guys. 🙂   Anyway, the winner this time around is Dakari! So yeah, congratulations, and such. 😀

The Random Button

Interested in reading my totally awesome articles? Heh, what a silly question, for it is I, the wonderful Ty, that wrote them! So, of course you’re interested! (plus, some of them contain hamsters) So, that’s why I created a page that automatically pulls up a random article from my blog. Pretty awesome, right? Yeah, I know it […]

August 2014 Giveaway – DayZ (via Steam)

[laborator_supercaption el_position="first"] DayZ Giveaway! [/laborator_supercaption] Hey guys, sorry for taking so damn long to get this article published. I was working on a sponsorship with a third party, and it never really played out. I was also trying to decide what I'd give away this month. If you're not yet aware, I intend to give away [...]

I’m Being Haunted By My Dead Cat

Congratulations afterlife, you’ve found yourself a new guinea pig for your brand new demonic kitty!   Callisto, my lovable kitty cat, is haunting me. She recently appeared beside my resting body, and licked my face with her razor-sharp ghost tongue. I gave her some catnip, and although she couldn’t figure out why her ghost mouth […]

Spintires Giveaway Winner [July 2014 Giveaway]

Oops! I’m a tad late to announce the winner this time around, and I apologize for that! I’ve been busy, killing cats and eating bubblegum. Better late than never though, right?   Anyway, congratulations to NinjaNick for winning the Ty’s Blog Spintires Giveaway!

July 2014 Giveaway – SPINTIRES (via Steam) [CLOSED]

[laborator_supercaption el_position="first"] SPINTIRES Giveaway! [/laborator_supercaption] This month, I'll be giving away a free copy of SPINTIRES via the Steam platform. If you're not yet aware, I intend to give away a brand new video game each and every month that this blog remains active. So, if you are interested in winning free stuff, please subscribe to my online [...]

Seriously, Don’t Buy The Pulse Elite!

Sony’s Pulse Elite headset offers a truly fantastic sound experience, and rivals most Turtle Beach headsets available at a similar price range. However,  unlike Turtle Beach, the Pulse Elite is made like a piece of shit,  and suffers from a massive defect, one that quite literally makes the headset useless after a couple of months […]

The Forest Giveaway Winner [June2014 Giveaway]

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in posting this update. I’ve been a tad busy. 🙁 Anyways, congratulations to Ryan for winning the Ty’s Blog June 2014 giveaway! I’ve sent a friend request to his Steam account, as requested by him if he were chosen as the winner.   July’s giveaway will be delayed for another […]

The future of gaming is sad, lonely and bleak

While I don’t care to admit it, I am seriously beginning to question my love for the video game industry. Everywhere I look, I see massive disappointments. Take Watchdogs as one example. That game was hyped up beyond what any normal video game should be, and it failed to deliver on its’ promises. Sure, I […]

Goat Simulator – New Winner [May 2014 Giveaway]

Unfortunately, the original Goat Simulator winner was unavailable to accept his prize, and didn’t seem to be very interested in getting in contact with me. So, I did a redraw, and….   Congratulations to BlackSpade for winning the Ty’s Blog May 2014 giveaway!  I’ve gone ahead and sent you a friend request on Steam, and will send further […]

Who the hell is ‘Ty Harvey’ anyways?

Basically, I’m a cynical sarcastic asshole with a God complex. I’m also cool, awesome and apparently have an ego larger than the state of Texas, which means shit to me, since I’m Canadian. To be quite honest with you, I’m just a random guy on the net that just so happens to have a blog, […]

June 2014 Giveaway – The Forest (via Steam) [closed]

[laborator_supercaption el_position="first"] The Forest Giveaway! [/laborator_supercaption] If you're not yet aware, I intend to give away a brand new video game each and every month that this blog remains active. So, if you are interested in winning free stuff, please subscribe to my online newsletter. I also try to publish a new article every four days, not including [...]

Goat Simulator Winner [May 2014 Giveaway]

Alright, so we didn’t get as many entries this time around, but it’s not like I really promoted this thing outside of a single tweet. So, not sure what I expected. Heh.   Anyways, the winner for Ty’s Blog May 2014 Giveaway is… Kennyx http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058622376/   Congratulations on your new game! I’ve sent you a […]

OnLive’s CloudLift Has Potential! … right?

What’s that? Tyler’s writing about OnLive again? Oh joy, what vile shall he spit out today? First, shut the hell up, you stupid ignorant piece of pie apple! Or, whatever. I write about what interests me, and the passion that I have for this one single company… By god, there’s just no comparison. OnLive is […]

Ty’s Quote of the Day

Life is but a nightmare, wrapped tightly by ones own twisted desires. The only help for which you can seek does not come from a doctor or a priest, for there is no religion or remedy known to this green Earth capable of providing you with true happiness. The cure lies somewhere else, somewhere deep […]

May 2014 Giveaway – Goat Simulator (via Steam) [CLOSED]

[laborator_supercaption el_position="first"] Goat Simulator Giveaway! [/laborator_supercaption] If you're not yet aware, I intend to give away a brand new video game each and every month that this blog remains active. So, if you are interested in winning free stuff, please subscribe to my online newsletter. I also try to publish a new article every four days, not including [...]

DayZ Giveaway Winner [April]

Apologies for the delay, guys! The most recent WordPress update really screwed up my blog, and I’ve been trying to perform some maintenance to get everything up and working again. Unfortunately, this announcement post will be very simplistic with horrible text formatting. — Congratulations Amaan, you’ve just won yourself a free copy of DayZ, courtesy of […]

Android Auto Type – Randomly Generated Crap

Hello, and I am so glad that you are not the new one of the other day. That honestly bothered me to see you can get a bit of the new cake. So, I would like to see you. Are you sure you are the one? I can get it, as my name is not […]

Happy Birthday To Me! (i hate age)

Well, it’s that time of year again… the time when I get all depressed, knowing that the prior year was wasted away by doing next to nothing. It’s also the time when I get to eat a super yummy cake. Today, I turned 21. The wonderful age of booze and….  nope, that’s pretty much it, […]

April 2014 Giveaway – DayZ (via Steam) [CLOSED]

[laborator_supercaption el_position="first"] DayZ Giveaway! [/laborator_supercaption] If you're not yet aware, I intend to give away a brand new video game each and every month that this blog remains active. So, if you are interested in winning free stuff, please subscribe to my online newsletter. I also try to publish a new article every four days, not including my [...]

Rust Giveaway Winner [March]

[laborator_supercaption el_position="first"] Robert James Cross [/laborator_supercaption] Congratulations Robert James Cross, you've just won yourself a free copy of Rust, courtesy of Ty's Blog!   Thanks to everyone for entering into our March 2014 giveaway. Remember though, we host a new giveaway every month, so be sure to check back often for another chance to receive a [...]

I’m No Longer OnLive’s #1 Fan (OnLive’s going to fail…again)

While it pains me to write this, I feel as though I must speak up. OnLive used to fill me with optimistic glee for the future of gaming. They revolutionized the gaming world with their services back in 2010, and since September of that year, I’ve been using OnLive every other day, almost religiously. (would […]

Family Business – Chapter 1

“Suit up” I said to my daughter, “It’s raining cats and dogs outside”. “Come on mom, we’re gonna be late!” my daughter called from the doorway. It’s her first day of school, and she’s pretty excited. “Just let me get my keys, do you remember where I put them?” I asked my daughter, who was […]

Log Entry #53

Log Entry #053 Date – August 17th, 2015 Time – 4:05 PM Ah, that’s right. Now I remember! This is the day that everything went to shit. Well, not literally shit, but you know. Expressions and such.  Yeah, if I recall correctly, something was invented on this date… Some kind of energy thingy, but I […]

PS4 Price Increase – Math Has Been Done! (Sony’s being unethical)

In regards to the previously published entry, I just did the math. See, the price is being increased due to the value of the Canadian dollar falling. However, things just don’t seem to add up, and Sony is essentially making free money with every sale of PS4 games, systems and accessories. Games originally priced at […]

Sony’s Officially On My Naughty List!

Thanks to Sony, and the supposed decline of the Canadian economy, pretty much everything PS4 related is getting a price increase. The PS4 itself is going up $50. Everything else, including games and accessories like the Camera and DualShock 4 controller, is being increased by $5. So, games are now $64.99 instead of $59.99. Because […]

Gaming Is No Longer A Form of Art!

This isn’t really intended to be a proper blog post, but more of a way to self medicate my growing rage and anger towards a once thoughtful and beautiful art form. I grew up with gaming and music, and saw them both as being a very beautiful form of art. Every time I saw or […]

As A Blogger…

As a blogger, I cannot help but wonder, where it all went wrong. As a blogger, I cannot help but wonder, why my heart is never strong. As a blogger, why do I even bother, to wake up early with the sun. As a blogger, why do I even bother, to care in the long […]

March 2014 Giveaway – Rust (via Steam) [closed]

[laborator_supercaption el_position="first"] Rust Giveaway! [/laborator_supercaption] Alright, here's the first ever monthly giveaway by Ty's Blog! If you're not yet aware, I intend to give away a brand new video game each and every month that this blog remains active. So, if you are interested in winning free stuff, please subscribe to my online newsletter. I also try [...]

Evolution Of Gaming, A Future Of Lies [repost from GamingRant]

[alert type=”info”]This article was originally published by Gaming Rant on March 13th, 2013. The original article can be found here.[/alert] PS4 – The False Evolution Of Gaming. This isn’t exactly intended to be an article, but rather a way to self medicate. To turn my frustrations into a form of poorly written journalism, if you can […]

With Gaming, Comes Madness [repost from GamingRant]

[alert type=”info”]This article was originally published by Gaming Rant on February 6th, 2014. The original article can be found here.[/alert] Dronality Results In Madness Of the Mind Now, before I start this abomination of an article, let me inform you of one tiny little fact. You see, this here website has now been in operation […]

Human Medium Mini – Home Is Where The Heart Is

Before the war of 1812, this small town was a very popular tourist destination. People would travel from all across the country on horseback to stay at the newly established William Hotel and Resort. The William family, being the wealthiest family to live in the area, owned and operated most of the town. Almost every […]

Monthly Giveaways

To help increase my readership, I intend to give away a free video game once every month. These giveaways will be sponsored by various parties, including some awesome friends and gaming communities. I hope to announce a giveaway within the next couple of days, so please keep your eyes open, and subscribe to my online […]

[PS4] The Order: 1886 Review Score Predictions

Before I start this off, you should know that I am nothing more than a measly video game developer with intermediate experience in business management. So, the odds of my below predictions proving to be accurate are slim to none…

Feelings… Oh How I Hate Them!

As I sit here, awake in my bed, I can’t help but to wonder the point of my existence. Honestly, I’ve been feeling like an illusion as of late, as if stuck between the line of what is real, and what is fake. Like a never ending dream that is constantly verging on a nightmare, […]

OnLive… Are They Still Significant?

Cloud gaming is nothing new, and has been around for nearly a decade. However, the recent cloud gaming advancements and usage concepts were completely pioneered by OnLive, which was announced at the Game Developers Conference  in 2009. OnLive officially launched to the continental United States on  June 10th, 2010, roughly four years before the announcement of […]

Ty’s Blog – The New Direction

Back in the day, I was a skilled journalist. I used to receive invitations to E3, CES and other well-known technology conventions. I received free video games to review, and had a few serious connections with major video game publishing studios. I even managed to get a private interview with a major video game developer, […]

Blogging Turned Me Into An Annoying Fruit

Seriously, why the hell do I even bother blogging, when all I do is talk about nothing. The only readers I have consist of my Steam friends, and even they tend to avoid my blog like a plague. Like, a fucking literal plague, as if even glancing upon my blog would infect them with a […]

Why you shouldn’t buy the Tango PC – and better yet, why you should

The Tango PC is said to be the worlds most powerful micro computer, that can easily play all of the latest and greatest video games, office programs and practically anything else that Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux can natively run. Let me just set things straight. The Tango PC does not have the power to […]

Burning Tears of Hell

The twisted senses of time and reality have taken a hold of my insanity. Screaming out to an emotionless crowd of death and decay. Crying the burning tears of hell.

Science… And The Paranormal/Supernatural?

“Show me a scientist who says spirits are real.” Scientists believe in data, and expand upon their research and knowledge by using this data to gain a better understanding as to how everything ‘works’. A scientist is a general term, and can be applied to a wide range of professions, and is not limited to […]

Destiny Killer – Prologue

During the time it takes you to read this, I’ve already murdered 17 people. Innocently beautiful souls now laying on the pavement in a pool of their own blood and bile. Tears still forming in their eyes, the emotion of fear frozen on their blank faces. They were at one time a family. A family […]

Human Medium: Electric Earth – Part 1

The lights never turned back on. Nothing but a flash of darkness entered my eyes, yet somehow I could see the world as if it was being lit by two neon suns. Everything seemed to be different, yet so familiar. I was standing outside of my burning house, and could hear sirens in the distance. […]

Log Entry #52

Log Entry #052 Date – August 17th, 2015 Time – 3:52 PM Thanks to the almighty power of Google, and the unusual lack of Windows 8 crashing on me, I managed to discover the date. August 17th, 2015. At least now I know that I have in fact jumped back in time, and that this […]

Oh Golly, Isn’t Android Swell? 🙁

Android, the mobile operating system owned and distributed by Google, is by far the most buggy OS I have ever used. I’d even go as far as to say that the latest version of Android, 4.4 KitKat, is even less reliable than Windows Fucking Vista! You see, I own a tablet. It’s an Asus Nexus […]

PlayStation Now – Not Cool, Sony!

As some of you are likely well aware, Sony intends to launch their own cloud gaming service this summer. PlayStation Now (previously called Gaikai) will basically let you stream entire PS3 video games to certain Sony devices, such as the Vita and PS3. You’ll require an additional membership to the service, rumored to be $50 […]

There’s a reason I run my own web hosting service…

First it was 1and1, then it was GoDaddy, and now; it’s Netfirms! So, here’s the deal. I wanted to register a .CA domain name for a new personal project that I hoped to start up. I was looking for a cheap registrar, and someone referred me to a company called Netfirms. On the surface, they […]

Without God, Christmas Wouldn’t Exist

Uh…  So yeah, ignore the title of this post, please.   Anyways, Happy Christmas to whomever may be lucky enough to read this! So, what did you get? Huh? WHAT DID YOU GET UNDER DA TREE?!?

One Year Ago Today, The World Ended

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Mayan Doomsday Prophesy. [laborator_supercaption] 12.21.12. [/laborator_supercaption] Just thought you'd like to know.

Three o’Clock

“Ka….Are _ou o_ay? Katie? Wake up!” a familiar voice thundered in the distance. My mother, or at least it sounded like her. But… No, i was at the school… How did….? It can’t be my mother… Can it?  — Briiiinnngg — The bell rang once more, echoing through the darkness. “Where am I” I said […]

Buy a Wii U

Attention all drones and fanboys, it is now time for you to hate me again, for you see, my favourite home console of the next generation is not the PlayStation 4, or even the Xbox One. It is none other than Nintendo’s Wii U! Nintendo’s not the biggest player right now, at least not in […]

Waiting To Die

Just another poem, with words and junk.

“Cogeco” is Canada’s worst ISP

I’ve been a Cogeco customer for around three years now, and for a good while, Cogeco has been an absolute saint. Then, starting mid to late 2013, Cogeco has done everything reasonably possible to piss me the fuck off. (yes, I swore, get over it, you bastard) Cogeco’s internet services have gone to absolute shit […]

Team Fortress 2 on PlayStation 4 Needs To Happen!

Hello there, fellow internet loser! It is I, the great and mighty Ty! Today, I couldn’t help but question; why the hell isn’t Valve porting TF2 to the PS4?! Now, before you go all fanboy on my ass, hear me out. The PS4 is capable of playing TF2 on its absolute maximum settings in glorious […]

Dear HostGator: Thank You

Thank you for providing fantastic support services, even if you take well over two days to reply. Thank you for offering a reliable website hosting experience, even if they were painfully slow at times, they always loaded eventually. Thank you for all of the fond memories of waiting in my first ever virtual line, as […]

PS4 – First Impressions. The Good, The Bad & the Fugly

The next generation of gaming is finally upon us, and I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait. Here, I’ll discuss my first impressions on Sony’s next gen gaming device. I’ll name the good, the bad and even the fugly. Now then, considering that the PS4 is still a relatively new gaming […]

Attention: This Blog SUCKS

Seriously, what in the hell am I even doing here? Like, I’m not writing anything of value, and when I do actually put a tiny bit of effort into what I write, it gets shit on by the shit police of shitsville USA. No one’s home, no one’s knocking. This blog has 10 email subscribers, […]

And So, The Countdown Begins

In five days, the PlayStation 4 will reach North American soil. In five days, I will receive a brand new next generation gaming device. Now, let’s just hope that the store I preordered the console from is capable of holding up their end of the bargain, and actually delivers my console on the day of […]

Introducing iTy!

As most of you are likely well aware, I am a genius. My IQ is 0 multiplied by infinity. Unfortunately, you are not intelligent enough to understand the joke, so I’ll just laugh alone. Haha Ahem, well then. Moving on, shall we?   Today, I invented the unthinkable. I invented myself in glorious miniature form. […]

Steam Chat – Gaming is DoOOmmed

11:18 PM – [DRS] Sidular Spy!: What’s up? 11:18 PM – DominusBelli: Hmm gotcha 11:19 PM – DominusBelli: I dunno I’m still in school 11:19 PM – DominusBelli: still working at TPG 11:19 PM – DominusBelli: what about you 11:19 PM – [DRS] Sidular Spy!: Still running a hosting company, which has someone managed to […]

If You’re Reading This, Chances Are I’m…

Gaming is no longer fun

As a few of you already know, I’m an avid video gamer. Hell, I even design video games, so you know I’m pretty damn loyal to the video game community. However, as of late, I’ve been finding it harder and harder to convince myself of one simple thing; gaming is fun.   After looking at […]

Happy Halloween!

Ah, Halloween. My favorite holiday of all. Ghosts, zombies, vampires, clawed dream killers. That’s what makes this holiday so absolutely amazing. Oh, and Houdini died on Halloween, which is pretty damn awesome… but in a sad way.   Hope you all enjoy your lumps of candy, and razor-infested apples. I know I sure will!

Well, Ain’t I Festive?

Halloween is just around the corner, so I decided to dress my blog up in one hell of a costume.    Whatcha guys think?

Apparently, I’m an American…

DoRoyal, Sidular and this here blog were all hacked by some psychopath cyber terrorist out in the middle east, all because they thought I was an American.   Well, EAT IT YOU FILTHY HACKER!!  I’m NOT an American, you dumbass. I’m 99% Canadian.   Anyways, things are starting to normalize now.

Short Story 2 – Issue 2 (re-write)

I’d like to apologize for the very graphic content contained within the original Issue #2. This rewrite contains a new and unique story, with much less violence and sexual content.   Living within this world is a joke. I mean, honestly, just look at how pathetic you all are. You’ve got crime here, violence there, […]

Log Entry #51

Log Entry #051 Date – unknown Time – 3:29 PM Ah, look! A computer! Now I can finally figure out what the hell is going on! And, crap. Yeah, this isn’t going to help much. It’s running Windows 8, and before all the service packs. I’d probably crash the system before I got to Google. […]

Short Story 2 – Issue #1

They say that God made us all equal. If that were true, individuality would be nothing more than a myth.  I simply can’t accept that, as it would make me an equal to every murderous madman past and present. There would be no separation between myself, and the guy living across the hall from me. […]

Prediction: New Nintendo Handheld in 2016

Let me start this off by saying that everything mentioned is entirely unofficial, and based solely on my own semi-professional opinions.   I expect for Nintendo to launch a brand new handheld video game platform, one that combines tablet-like functionality with augmented reality gameplay, and possibly even a form of 3D technology that integrates with […]

Please Wake Me Up Before September Ends…

Seriously, wake me up BEFORE this silly month ends. I have to be awake to experience the awesomeness that is Grand Theft Auto: Online, which launches officially on October 1st. So please, wake me up BEFORE September ends. Can’t miss out on GTA!

Why Are Penguins So Freaking Random?

What is our fascination with those classy birds? Honestly, it seems like every corner of the internet has some kind of penguin-loving fan club. From your average Redditor to your unusual 4chan dumbass, penguin lovers are everywhere. But why? Why are they so freaking awesome, and why is it that people always reference penguins when […]

Grand Theft Auto: V – Weird Graphical Differences

Grand Theft Auto: V is one of this generations largest and most ambitious video games, and it can be a very photorealistic experience, as made evident by the screenshot above. However, that level of graphical quality seems to be a very big rarity in GTA5. You have low resolution textures, high resolution textures, low shading, […]

Digital Gaming Clouds

For those of you that don’t know, I am one of OnLive’s largest fans and lifelong supporters. I’ve been using the service faithfully since 2010, and have logged hundreds of hours in the cloud. I’ve written dozens of articles about OnLive, have been very vocal about my love and trust of the OnLive service, and […]

Underpopulated and Unloved

There are seven billion people on this Earth, yet only five of them take the time to read my blog. Although blogging is an evil hobby, practiced only by soulless individuals, I strongly feel as though my blog deserves more readers. I mean, just look at me. I’m witty, I’m smart, I’m moderately sane. I’m […]

First 50 Entries of Before The End… Now Online!

Yup, in case you haven’t yet noticed, my signature series has been popping up on this here blog. Before The End… features a unique ‘between the lines’ story telling element that has you reading the documented life of a bonafide crazy person with psychic time jumping powers.   You can read this unique and exclusive […]

Log Entry #050

Log Entry #050 Date – unknown Time – 2:53 PM Not sure if that whole time paradox thing comes into play here or not. I’m writing into a book that doesn’t even exist yet, so, does that mean I’m not writing anything at all, or am I just writing something into a book that actually […]

Log Entry #049

Log Entry #049 Date – unknown Time – 1:12 PM Alright, this is really starting to freak me out. I think I’ve actually jumped back in time. Never had a backwards time jump happen before.

Log Entry #048

Log Entry #048 Date – unknown Time – 10:31 AM Ha, you even went out and bought an HDTV. 1080p. Dated technology. Old clocks. You’ve really outdone yourself this time, doc. Ah, and look! There’s even a tv remote! Guess that means there’s no voice commands, huh? No bother, I can always push a button. […]

Log Entry #047

Log Entry #047 Date – unknown Time – 9:40 AM This place is… strange. Possibly even normal. Where are the guards, or even the doctors for that matter? Well, at least someone was kind enough to put a clock on the wall. Huh, it’s actually a fairly decent clock. Retro style. I know, I’m in […]

Log Entry #046

Log Entry #046 Date – unknown Time – unknown YES! Walls! Oh god, I’m surrounded by walls! White walls, too! This is absolutely wonderful! If Cheesy were alive, and not an orange fish with slimy scales, I’d consider kissing him right about now!

Log Entry #045

Log Entry #045 Date – April 21st 2033 Time – unknown Dear doctor idiot – you are an idiot. If I manage to survive, I will forcefully shove your head into an open fire. After that, I will dislocate both of your arms, then stab your neck with the same needle you used on me. […]

Log Entry #044

Log Entry #044 Date – April 20th 2033 Time – unknown Thanks to the apparent demise of the human race, I can no longer provide an accurate time. All of the technology I’ve had on me during the jump, which basically consisted of a poorly crafted e-watch, has ceased to function, presumably because of the […]

Log Entry #043

Log Entry #043 Date – April 20th 2033 Time – 9:10 PM It’s late, now. But the sun is still high up in the sky, casting an eerie red over the burning ruins of New York. After having a few hours to freely explore the city, or whatever’s left of it, I came to realize […]

Log Entry #042

Log Entry #042 Date – April 20th 2033 Time – 6:22 PM I’m still standing in this unknown wasteland of a future… Normally, jumps only last a couple of minutes… I’ve been here for hours. 

Log Entry #041

Log Entry #041 Date – April 20th 2033 Time – 6:07 PM There’s that girl again… She’s standing near the burning maple tree. Crying. Why is she crying…. Better yet, where am I? Why is everything on fire? Wait, I know where I am…  I’m standing at the center of Central Park, in New York! […]

Log Entry #040

Log Entry #040 Date – April 20th 2033 Time – 5:30 PM I..  What? Oh, no…  It happened again! I jumped in time once more…  Man, what the hell… This medication isn’t working… 

Log Entry #039

Log Entry #039 Date – May 7th 2031 Time – 6:25 PM I’m going to go to bed early. Hope I feel better tomorrow.  Oh, and doc? Yeah, I can’t wait until our next appointment. If you promise not to drug me again, I promise not to try to kill you…  I mean, the stove […]

Log Entry #038

Log Entry #038 Date – May 7th 2031 Time – 1:08 PM I think I ate some bad bacon, if such a thing even exists. I’m not really feeling well. Maybe you guys, aka “doctors” could give me some kind of pain medicine? You know, something that can make the pain go away? No? Figures… 

Log Entry #037

Log Entry #037 Date – May 7th 2031 Time – 8:31 AM Back to my regular routines, I guess. I may as well eat breakfish…. Breakfast….. God I miss him…. Anyways, I’ll have eggs and bacon again. This time, I won’t burn it. 

Log Entry #036

Log Entry #036 Date – May 6th 2031 Time – 8:19 PM Nearly a week has passed since my last entry… Since Cheesy died. I can no longer look at the color red without thinking of my beloved pet. It infuriates me that my doctors, who are presumably reading this with a big corny smile, […]

Log Entry #035

Log Entry #035 Date – May 2nd 2031 Time – 1:02 PM He’s dead.. You killed him! Thanks to your idiotic experiments, my best friend is dead! Cheesy… You medical morons killed my goldfish! Seriously, life simply isn’t fair! 

Log Entry #034

Log Entry #034 Date – May 2nd 2031 Time – 10:21 AM CHEESY IS DEAD

Log Entry #033

Log Entry #033 Date – May 2nd 2031 Time – 9:52 AM I still can’t believe the idiot doctor drugged me! It was only a minor burn! No reason to give me happy pills in needle form. Shit, this stupid medical center. They’re not even monitoring my brain activity anymore, all they do is read […]

Log Entry #032

Log Entry #032 Date – May 1st 2031 Time – 4:20 PM Okay say I did tell doctor what I do but he not like it. I now got drugged for being bad to doc and by pulling doc to fire stove. It was hot. He give me needle which kind of turned my eyes […]

Log Entry #031

Log Entry #031 Date – May 1st 2031 Time – 10:17 AM Trying to make sure I have everything before I go to the docs. Journal. Fuzzy pen. Yup, that’s pretty much everything I own. I’m ready! 

Log Entry #030

Log Entry #030 Date – May 1st 2031 Time – 9:13 AM Me and Cheesy both have full bellies, one filled with slightly burned bacon and runny eggs, the other with red pebble things. Life cannot get any better. 

Log Entry #029

Log Entry #029 Date – May 1st 2031 Time – 8:51 AM Huh, now that I think about it, I don’t even know if Cheesy is a boy or girl. How exactly can you even know such a thing? Look for a tiny fish penis? Seriously, I need to start Googling stuff.  Anyways, I should […]

Log Entry #028

Log Entry #028 Date – May 1st 2031 Time – 8:45 AM Just finished feeding Cheesy, and he gobbled up the red pebble things again. Really should Google if fish have taste buds, cause he really seems to like the red ones. 

Log Entry #027

Log Entry #027 Date – May 1st 2031 Time – 8:24 AM Good morning to you, doctor idiot. Thought you should know that I’m awake, and I just finished putting on some rather old and unstylish pants, just so you can see what the latest fashion is when we talk later.

Log Entry #026

Log Entry #026 Date – April 30th 2031 Time – 11:40 PM Getting ready to go to bed. You did want to know every single thing I’m doing, and everything I’m thinking about, right? So yeah, I just finished going to the bathroom. Had a major shit that even Cheesy could smell. That’s the kind […]

Log Entry #025

Log Entry #025 Date – April 30th 2031 Time – 11:25 PM Just finished feeding Cheesy, and he’s fine. Not sure if the different colored pebble things have different flavors, or if fish can even taste different things, but I swear Cheesy ate all of the red pebbles first.. Maybe he liked them more? Is […]

Log Entry #024

Log Entry #024 Date – April 30th 2031 Time – 11:23 PM Took a nap on the couch, and now my neck hurts. Also I forgot to feed Cheesy! About to do that now, assuming his little empty fishy gut didn’t kill him… Can fishes even die of hunger? They must be able to…

Log Entry #023

Log Entry #023 Date – April 30th 2031 Time – 6:46 PM I think I just skipped again. Will write more later. Not feeling like myself right now. 

Log Entry #022

Log Entry #022 Date – April 30th 2031 Time – 12:40 PM Also, this damn journal made me miss my lunch. Happy? Are you doctors happy now? Nah, ha. I’m just kidding with you guys. Not actually angry at you, or what you’re doing to me. I mean, why would I be? Huh? Why would […]

Log Entry #021

Log Entry #021 Date – April 30th 2031 Time – 12:36 PM Breakfish? See doc, I have fishes on my mind! Give me antifishdom drugs, cause I seriously need it! Also, I appear to really like fish, due to a lack of any real life… I wonder why I lack a life? Could it be […]

Log Entry #020

Log Entry #020 Date – April 30th 2031 Time – 12:34 PM I can’t remember if I was supposed to feed Cheesy at regulated times, like the normal human eating habits. Do goldfish eat breakfish, lunch and dinner? Or is it just a twice a day thing? Seriously, why the hell did I get this […]

Log Entry #019

Log Entry #019 Date – April 30th 2031 Time – 9:45 AM Just fed Cheesy some pebble things. They had weird colors, and floated at the top of the bowl, so Cheesy had to swim up to eat. You’d think fish food would sink, not float. Guess common sense doesn’t apply to them fish professionals?

Log Entry #018

Log Entry #018 Date – April 30th 2031 Time – 3:34 AM These meds really aren’t working, doc. I just skipped in time once again, however it was somehow different this time. Instead of there being, well, my house.. I was somehow somewhere else. It didn’t feel like home. Not sure what that really means, […]

Log Entry #017

Log Entry #017 Date – October 13th 2033 Time – 3:57 PM There she is, just standing there next to the burning tree. Crying. But why is she crying? What happened to her?  I heard a loud explosion coming from somewhere behind me, and as I turn around to look, I gazed upon my bedroom […]

Log Entry #016

Log Entry #016 Date – April 29th 2031 Time – 1:44 PM Just came back from the store with the newest member of the family; Cheesy the Goldfish! Seriously… 

Log Entry #015

Log Entry #015 Date – April 29th 2031 Time – 7:25 AM Not sure if this will make sense, as it came from the mind of a crazy person, however in my dream last night, I was sort of looking down at the Earth from Space, sort of like I was in a space ship. […]

Log Entry #014

Log Entry #014 Date – April 28th 2031 Time – 8:17 PM So apparently I wrote the same thing twice in my last entry. Maybe I actually do need more meds, cause this paranormal shit ain’t going away.  I saw her again…

Log Entry #013

Log Entry #013 Date – April 28th 2031 Time – 4:29 PM I bought a giant journal, a fancy pen with a weird golden tip and green fuzzy things at the end, I’m taking expensive medicine from a doctor who probably practiced on monkeys before working on me, and I still somehow forget to write […]

Log Entry #012

Log Entry #012 Date – April 25th 2031 Time – 1:11 PM Somehow managed to fall asleep again last night, but I have no memory of ever leaving the couch. So, we have a mystery on our hands, how did I get to my bed without ever leaving the couch? Hmm…

Log Entry #011

Log Entry #011 Date – April 24th 2031 Time – 11:47 PM Scared myself thinking it happened again, turns out I fell asleep watching an old The Simpsons episode. If only they didn’t cancel that show on it’s 25 season, I’d love to see new episodes. 

Log Entry #010

Log Entry #010 Date – April 24th 2031 Time – 7:13 PM Okay so I somehow skipped in time again. Only a few hours, so it wasn’t much. I thought these pills were meant to fix that? 

Log Entry #009

Log Entry #009 Date – April 24th 2031 Time – 12:23 PM  Great, I somehow managed to burn my god damn eggs. Was forced to make a new batch, which turned out to be simply perfect. Yum!

Log Entry #008

Log Entry #008 Date – April 24th 2031 Time – 11:56 AM  Lunch should be ready shortly. Bacon, eggs, ham and gemd. I hate how the smell of food always makes your stomach rumble. 

Log Entry #007

Log Entry #007 Date – April 24th 2031 Time – 11:34 AM  I was obviously kidding about the life thing. Don’t want to risk you guys injecting me with a dozen antidepressants, too. 

Log Entry #006

Log Entry #006 Date – April 24th 2031 Time – 11:32 AM  Just woke up about 5 minutes ago, can’t believe I slept in so long. My computer isn’t responding to me either. Should probably upgrade to Windows 2X as Windows 10 is starting to feel sludgy. Sadly, I spent most of my money on […]

Log Entry #005

Log Entry #005 Date – April 24th2031 Time – 3:33 AM I just heard a crashing sound downstairs… Can you prescribe me with some form of courage drug, so I can go check it out? No? Screw it, if it’s a robber, I’m robbing his time. Not going to get much here. (robbing his time. […]

Log Entry #004

Log Entry #004 Date – April 23rd 2031 Time – 10:48 PM So, I was just told I had to notify the journal police every time I wanted to go to bed, cause I’m about to go to bed. Also, who the hell is even reading this shit? 

Log Entry #003

Log Entry #003 Date – April 23rd 2031 Time – 6:27 PM Oh wow, I just missed a TV show because I forgot it was on! The doctors might need to give me some medical weed, so even if I forget about tv in the future, I can at least get piss high. For science? […]

Log Entry #002

Log Entry #002 Date – April 23rd 2031 Time – 3:53 PM No grannies, but a bunch of sales on canned food. There were also a bunch of Tweens lined up at the music store to buy the new Justin Bieber CD. I don’t get all this crap about him. 30 and he’s been arrested […]

Log Entry #001

Log Entry #001 Date – April 23rd 2031 Time – 2:39 PM I hate having to write in this damn book, but they say I have repressed memories, and need to record all of my dreams and my actions. In other words, I just bought a big and expensive book with no story. Should be […]

Twelve o’Clock

“Where did… What just happened?”  I looked around to study the room, and to my surprise, I was sitting at my desk in Ms. Applebees classroom. The room was dark, except for a fine streak of moonlight that shone in through the windows.  Scared, I stumbled out of my desk and across the room to […]

Rockstar needs to fire their PR department.

Alright, don’t hate me just yet. I love Sony, and I absolutely love the PlayStation game consoles. (own every console) However, I seriously regret my digital purchase of Grand Theft Auto: V on the PlayStation Store. I thought that there would be the option to preload the game onto my console before the release date. […]

Human Medium: Birthday Wishes

My name was Carl, I was 14 years old, and I had the ability to communicate with earth-bound spirits. Then I died. A while before my death, I began to notice that the spirits were getting darker. Their transparent bodies masked a strange shadowy haze. Roughly one month after the spirits began to darken, they […]

Game Developer Joke

How does a game developer tell a pharmacist that he has erectile dysfunction?

The Scary Door – Episode 1

Oh, hello there, and happy holidays! We here at Pin Pappy Games wish all you boys and girls a wonderful holiday season, filled with joy and laugher, gingerbread and candy canes. But most of all, we urge all of you toy givers and receivers to spend tonight as if it were your last night on […]

The Clock

Looking up at the ceiling, Katie couldn’t help but wonder how her life would turn out. She’s always been a visionary, which is a trait she got from her father. Would she become a lawyer and work for the government? Perhaps a doctor, or possibly a police officer?  A voice interrupted Katie’s daydream, and she […]

Floppy Drive – Sexually Transmitted Data

Hello, I’m a Mac, and a few years ago I had intercourse with a Windows PC.  Here’s my story.  -517 Days Ago via iCal- As she opened up her large and outdated floppy drive for easy insertion, I hesitated for a moment. Was I really about to insert my disk into her ancient technology? What […]

Family Business – Chapter 0

Standing over the body of my lifeless father, who was murdered in cold blood by the hands of the devil, reincarnated into an otherwise innocent soul. Dead, yet a walking tank of supernatural capabilities. A weapon that not even I was able to foresee, before actually witnessing this atrocity myself. If not for my slow […]

The Story Of Nikola Tesla – Vrykolaka

A bolt of electricity surged through my body, immediately followed by the unearthly crackling of thunder filling the air above. I had just been struck by a bolt of lightning, and survived. Well, that isn’t entirely accurate, as I was never quite alive to begin with, so survival from such a voltage was to be […]

Nightmare of Reality

I feel as though I must apologize for my unusually idiotic behavior. You see, I am but a lonely human living within an occupied world, forever destined to idly sit by the metaphorical curb of life. In reality, I feel like a complete stranger. I keep asking my nearly unrecognizable reflection to leave the mirror […]

Hello, I’m Seriously Sarcastic! (nonsense)

Currently, my personality consists of two general modes; sarcasm and serious. Sadly, most of my fellow peers from the digital web constantly find themselves unable to differentiate which ‘mode’ I am writing in, as they’re too damn stupid to figure it all out. (<– was sarcasm) Seriously though? This whole “is he sane or is […]

Watch Dogs Giveaway

Hey everyone, it’s me again, reporting in from my luxurious apartment in a small town that no one has heard of. As some of you already know, I’m the lead man behind the Gaming Rant service, and have been funding various video game giveaways since I started it up in 2010. Now that I’ve got […]

An Insiders Guide To Web Hosting (technical guide to choosing a host) – Part 1

First, as some of you may already know, I operate my own successful website hosting service, and have been within the web hosting industry for a few years. I've seen my fair-share of ups and downs, as well as a few rare do's and don'ts. This guide will be a proper representation of my own [...]

Sleep Deprived & Slightly Tired

I am currently in my warm, soft and cosy bed, typing this entry on my Asus Nexus 7 while occasionally taking a quick glance up towards the ceiling, hoping that the fly that stalks me remains in a viewable position, while I casually plan an elaborate murder scenario for our bug-eyed friend. Yes, it is […]

A Twisted Poem Without The Rhymes

This is no life, this isn’t living. There is nothing here for me. They say I have a purpose. A higher power. A meaning. They say a lot of things. I have yet to fully understand what I am, or what I am capable of. I know my calling, but cannot hear or understand the […]

I Gotta Step It Up

This blog isn’t exactly the most popular of places, which honestly annoys me to no end. Back when I wrote for a website called Gaming Rant, it was usual for my articles to be seen by thousands of people, with some receiving over one hundred thousand total views. I guess I’ve come to expect the […]

So Apparently, We’re All Gonna Die@! (World War 3)

First thing that comes to mind?   Duh.     Second thing?   No shit!   Third? The actual article/blog/post.   See, I totally called it. Looks like Russia and China could very well declare war against the United States of America and the United Kingdom, at least, according to this wonderful article right here […]

My Endless Love/Hate Relationship with Team Fortress 2

Hello there, fellow idiots! Long time no see! Today, I feel like expressing my inner hatred for a certain video game, all the while telling you how much I absolutely adore this very same game. You see, me and TF2 go back to well before games even existed. I was just a guppy swimming through […]

My Quest To Become A YouTube Star…. again

As most of you don’t already know, I used to be a fairly big star back when I used YouTube regularly. With hundreds of thousands of video views and hundreds of subscribers, my fanbase proved to be pretty damn loyal. However, I then found a little something called “life” and decided to leave my video […]

Piss Off With The ONE Hate!

Sure, the Xbox One wasn’t what you had expected. Hell, for most of us, it was the complete opposite. Now, I’ve never been the biggest of Xbox fans, and tend to hate on things that break down, or have games that I dislike. However, back when Microsoft first announced the Xbox One, I was actually […]

Blogging To An Empty Crowd

I just wanted to state that, although I myself am operating my own super underpopulated blog, blogging itself, and the act of blogging, is a greatly outdated, underloved, underappreciated uber colossal waste of time. Matched only by Twitter with useless posts and idiotic rants, blogging (and possibly Twitter) should be removed from the internet, banned from […]

The True Story Of Hammy the Magical Hamster

Ever wondered why I always reference magical hamsters on this here blog? You probably thought it was to increase my views, or something. (I ain’t got no views) A couple of years ago, I had a hamster that was capable of escaping and surviving within my cat-infested house for days on end. He was, quite simply, […]

I See Dead People, or more specifically, the Late Ryan Davis

Giant Bomb is no longer as giant without the great late Ryan Davis.   Truly will miss this blubbering sack of on-air sarcasm and love. It’s been a pleasure reading and listening to his voice of gaming wisdom, and I personally will cry like a baby on steroids tonight.  (and i don’t even know what a […]

If This Gets Onto Reddit, I’ll Eat A Turtle… not a real turtle, as that’d just be totally sick and probably unhealthy. Instead, I’ll eat me the best chocolate turtle treat I can find, and then paint my house (even though I don’t own a house) purple, just because I can, but mostly because it won’t be my house, but someone elses, as I kind of don’t own a house. Not allowed to paint the apartment, as that could get me evicted.. besides, what kind of color is “purple” anyways? I mean, it looks cool… IF YOUR EMO! (which I am)

My integrity as a blogger (or whatever it is I’m doing) is about to be thrown out of a giant nonexistent yet equally metaphorical window. The darkness has taken me for a twisted joyride, and I find myself unable to properly recover. So, I regret to announce my imaginary resign from this nightmarish world. To unofficially […]

No, I’m Not Dead

Due to popular demand, the almighty Ty returns from his nonexistent grave to write yet another completely pointless blog post about how the almighty Ty returned from his nonexistent grave.   Now, off to finish my show on Netflix.

I Killed My Mind

There’s nothing more pleasant than finding out that your wonderfully shiny and super expensive video game console is nothing more than a ploy to control your every action.   Thanks violence in games, you’ve made a murderer out of me!  

The Insane Fear Sanity – Part 1

I grew up at a mental institution just outside of a small Canadian town called Picton. The doctors called me subject 9, or S9 for short. So, that is who I am. S9.  The story you are about to read was written by me, S9. Therefore, if you find the content inside of the story […]

Short Story – Issue #6

“Run, you stupid psycho midget maniac! Run like your life depends on it!” In reality, his life had already been sealed away inside of a rich mans vault. He was participating in a twisted game of cat and mouse, spectated by mentally insane billionaires. He was just a man, and a small one at that.  […]

Short Story – Issue #5

During the night of all hallows eve, when the demons were allowed to freely walk the Earth, I unknowing sold my soul to the devil in disguise.  He took the form of a young child, dressed up in a demon costume. When he walked to my front door, during trick or treating hours, I instantly […]

Short Story – Issue #4

“She’s a witch!” the towns people screamed aloud. “Burn it! Burn that vile demon!” This is one of those magical, er.. poor choice of words.  Let me start again.  This is one of those ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ situations, where my every move could quite literally be my last.  The entire […]

Short Story – Issue #3 (discretion is advised)

Both myself, Alicia, and my brother, Jordan, were raped, tortured and murdered at the young age of 12.  Before our lives came to a violent end, we were both suffering from what Jordan called ‘anti-school syndrome’ (A.S.S). We made it our tradition to skip classes together, and hike to the abandoned train station at the […]

Short Story – Issue #2

Do you believe in ghosts? Yeah, neither do I. However, being as how I am dead, you’d think I of all people would believe. Sure, I am technically dead, in the sense that my body is now a rotting corpse buried somewhere below the Empire State Building, I feel as if I am very much […]

Short Story – Issue #1

Black blood is raining from the sky. The heavens have fallen, and mankind will soon turn to ash. Those are the old sayings that my grandmother used to tell me as a child. Before she was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 73, the locals in the town of Waterville believed my grandmother was […]

Quote of the Day

To become truly innocent and pure, you must once again peek through the eyes of a child, for the youth of this world are the true representations of innocence and purity.   – Ty Harvey  

Quote of the Day

To be capable of living up to your own expectations, you must first learn to expect fewer things.   – Ty Harvey  

Quote of the Day

To properly understand the true fundamentals of life, you must first live till death separates your soul from your rotting corpse, to which you can freely enter an endless afterlife of eternal bliss, mixed with a tablespoon of damnation.   – Ty Harvey  

Introducing – Insanity!

Dear children of this Earth, I Ty Harvey wish to congratulate you on your general stupidity and ignorance. It truly wonfuul 2 no u tlk lke tis as if 2 frow out teh enitre englissh langage in 1 qik swoop. Grammar and proper spelling has gone the way of an extinct bird. I truly do […]

Microsoft’s Practically Selling The Wii U

Introducing the first ever hybrid between a standard blog post, and a relatively accurate news article! Remember the little thing called ‘Xbox One’? Yeah, I’m sure you do. Well, turns out, the press conference that Microsoft held to announce their little shiny DVR actually did something that Microsoft didn’t expect; it helped Nintendo make a […]

Xbox One – Abbreviation – What Do We Call This Thing??

PS is to PlayStation, GB is to GameBoy, but what the hell do we call Microsoft's latest game console? Some poor slob lurking about the internet will inevitably come up with the abbreviation that all gamers will come to recognize as the official Xbox One 'name'. However, with so many wonderful options available, what in the hell [...]

Controller P0rn

In light of the recent Xbox One announcement, and with it, the introduction of one of the sexiest controllers ever to be held within the gamers hands, I figured I’d write a post dedicated entirely to the Top  Sexiest Controllers of All Time! (in no particular order)     Nintendo Wii (click to enlarge) PlayStation […]

The Magical Lameness of Xbox One

As a good friend of mine once said “OMFG IS HE DEAD?!?” The answer? No, or yes. Depends on who you ask.   Now, on to the recently announced Xbox One video game console. First off, I want to formally say… God, that f##king controller is f##king sexy as #### and #####. However, the controller […]

Money Loving Monkeys

What do you get when the world you know and love is being ruled by a bunch of overgrown apes? No, not the good kind of apes from a certain movie, but the bad kind. The kind that will do absolutely anything to make as much money as they possibly can. What do you do? […]

Oh Doorknob, Why Must You Be Sooo Damn Sticky?

Yes, this entire post is dedicated entirely towards my hatred of sticky doorknobs.   99.9% of all people residing on this little blue ball in space have used or will eventually use a doorknob to open a door, and a completely accurate number of 99.88% of all people will inevitably  touch, hold, twist or lick a doorknob […]

Why Netflix Owns My Soul

Netflix, the video streaming service that has all of the best movies from 10+ years ago, officially owns and controls every part of my body, including the soul itself. After I created the Netaflixia term back in April, which happened to become Word Of The Day on Urban Dictionary, I’ve come to realize just how […]

Why The Next PlayStation & Xbox Are Day-1 Buys

I fully intend to buy the next generation of video game consoles the instant they are released onto North American soil. But, why would I go out and buy two very expensive consoles that will likely be deprived of good games for quite some time to come? Well, the answer to that is simple; because […]

Coke vs Pepsi vs Call Of Duty

Coke is a form of bubbly beverage that people of all ages consume on a daily basis. Coke is also one of the most addictive substances on this planet, same goes for Pepsi. The addictive nature of the two largest and most widely consumed beverages practically guarantees the sale and eventual consumption, and unless the sale of […]

Realism – The Realistic Death Of Games

I am a video gamer, and because of my general stupidity, I’m a damned good gamer, too. However, as a gamer and a game developer, I can’t help but to question the mindless lack of creativity that this industry as a whole is greatly playing without. A single gaming genre rules them all, essentially playing […]