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Why The Next PlayStation & Xbox Are Day-1 Buys

I fully intend to buy the next generation of video game consoles the instant they are released onto North American soil. But, why would I go out and buy two very expensive consoles that will likely be deprived of good games for quite some time to come?
Well, the answer to that is simple; because I am a hardcore gamer.


No, I’m not trying to say that I am better than you at games, as even though I am, (at least in regards to PC gaming), the term itself has absolutely nothing to do with skill.

Quite simply, I am a gamer. A true gamer that enjoys games for being an interactive medium of entertainment. I’m not talking Angry Birds here, I’m talking about Heavy Rain, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid and other games that require actual thought to properly enjoy. (notice how I didn’t mention Call Of Duty in that list?)


The true gamers should do everything in their power to purchase the latest video game consoles from both Sony and Microsoft, not just a single console from your favourite company. If you are a fanboy, you are not a gamer. It’s as simple as that.


So please, go ahead and buy the latest high-tech gear from both of the large video game suppliers. You owe it to the corporate world to go right out and blindly buy the latest high-end toy. I know I will. I’ve fallen into the pit of sheep, and can no longer muster the strength to climb myself up. Hell, I even have a blog now, so that should be proof enough.