Splatoon Miiverse – Hacked?

The Splatoon Pre-launch community is supposed to be restricted only to Nintendo’s Tom and Amy, so why is it that a seemingly random individual was able to post to this private community without Nintendo’s knowledge of consent? Well, the answer is actually quite simple, and involves what could be a mere misunderstanding, rather than a […]

Battlefield: Hardline – My Thoughts

No, this isn’t a rage article. I’m not going to mention the oh so many faults that the latest Battlefield entry has, such as the lack of classic game modes, and an outdated and poorly optimized game engine. Also, this isn’t a review, even though I do technically give it a score later on. This […]

Just a little rant about something that won’t interest you

Now, tell me if this feels fair to you. When the PlayStation Network was taken down over the holidays, Sony ended up giving out a free five day PS Plus extension to everyone affected, as well as a 10% off discount for any PS Store purchase made between January 23rd, and January 26th. That’s a […]

Rogue Legacy is super-duper-freaking-awesomazing!

While most video game development studios design games because of their love for the video game industry, Cellar Door Games is different. They don’t care about the industry, or the awesome art of pixels and polygons. No,they have different priorities. Cellar Door Games wants you to rage your freaking butt off, which is why they […]