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Short Story – Issue #5

During the night of all hallows eve, when the demons were allowed to freely walk the Earth, I unknowing sold my soul to the devil in disguise. 

He took the form of a young child, dressed up in a demon costume. When he walked to my front door, during trick or treating hours, I instantly assumed, as anyone would, that he was just another kid hidden behind a Target-bought mask. When he asked for my soul, I laughed and joyfully agreed to give it to him, preparing myself to reach into a large bowl of candy by my side, and hand him a few chocolate bars. 

As I began to pull out two Kit Kat bars from the bowl, and hand them to the child, my life, my surroundings, had all turned to complete darkness. Everything that once stood before me had vanished. Everything except for myself, and the boy, remained in this endless wasteland. 

As I watched my own life tearing between the seams of reality, and with the devil standing by my side, I understood what had happened. I was dead. 

I kept waiting - hoping - for a light to appear somewhere deep within this darkness, to save me from the devils wrath. From suffering an eternal afterlife in hell. 
A happy ending. 

Unfortunately, this story has already come to an end. Nothing and no one will save me. 
Not like they'd even care to try...

Short Story - Issue #5
Kit Kat Devil