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Short Story 2 – Issue 2 (re-write)

October 14, 2013Short Story Series Standard

I’d like to apologize for the very graphic content contained within the original Issue #2. This rewrite contains a new and unique story, with much less violence and sexual content.   Living within this world is a joke. I mean, honestly, just look at how pathetic you all are. You’ve got crime here, violence there, […]

Short Story 2 – Issue #1

October 5, 2013Short Story Series Standard

They say that God made us all equal. If that were true, individuality would be nothing more than a myth.  I simply can’t accept that, as it would make me an equal to every murderous madman past and present. There would be no separation between myself, and the guy living across the hall from me. […]

Short Story – Issue #6

June 2, 2013Short Story Series Standard

“Run, you stupid psycho midget maniac! Run like your life depends on it!” In reality, his life had already been sealed away inside of a rich mans vault. He was participating in a twisted game of cat and mouse, spectated by mentally insane billionaires. He was just a man, and a small one at that.  […]

Short Story – Issue #5

June 2, 2013Short Story Series Standard

During the night of all hallows eve, when the demons were allowed to freely walk the Earth, I unknowing sold my soul to the devil in disguise.  He took the form of a young child, dressed up in a demon costume. When he walked to my front door, during trick or treating hours, I instantly […]

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