They say that God made us all equal. If that were true, individuality would be nothing more than a myth. 
I simply can't accept that, as it would make me an equal to every murderous madman past and present. There would be no separation between myself, and the guy living across the hall from me. 
That is why I cannot accept the idea of God. The idea of equality, as every civilization must have a ruler, and a slave. To divide our lives into stereotypes, and abide by nonexistent laws. We are living within a world that has been surrounded by lies and deception. A world where everyone wears a mask to protect their true identity, and with it, their true intent. 

We are all a dying race, living each day until there are no more days left to live. The sad reality isn't that we are all destined to die, but rather the fact that none of us choose to be aware of our eventual demise. We believe so strongly in the power of scientific discovery, and yet our creative rights to freely explore all that is real and known, is limited not by our will to discover, but instead by our greed. That is why we shall never truly meet our own expectations and dreams, as they all rely on a false understanding; money makes the world go 'round. 

Freewill is nothing but a lie spread by those in power. You are not free to do anything that you will, as there are too many obstacles holding you down. 

Shorty Story 2 - Issue #1
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