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Prediction: New Nintendo Handheld in 2016

Let me start this off by saying that everything mentioned is entirely unofficial, and based solely on my own semi-professional opinions.


I expect for Nintendo to launch a brand new handheld video game platform, one that combines tablet-like functionality with augmented reality gameplay, and possibly even a form of 3D technology that integrates with a dedicated visual device, one that does not use traditional 3D display technology, but rather a combination of augmented visual effects with rendered real world alterations, similar to the way that Google’s Glass operates.

This new handheld platform will likely be backwards compatible with current Nintendo 3DS video games, and will have a heavy emphasis on real world interactive gameplay elements. The technical capabilities of this device will include a high powered AMD CPU chipset with a minimum of four processing cores, a high powered mobile graphics unit that will likely be modified or based off of the current AMD ATI 7000 chipset family, 8GB of Random Access Memory with 4GB reserved exclusively for the OS and augmented functionalities, two high resolution and ultra fast rear facing cameras, and one high resolution front facing camera for video communication over a communication network similar to Skype and Wii U Chat, but available on multiple platforms and devices. The two rear facing cameras will likely have a 120 refresh rate, with 60 being the absolute minimum. These two cameras will also be used for the augmented reality technology, and will therefore have wide angle lenses for the best possible viewing experience.
The new device will likely be codenamed the Nintendo Vision, or some other name that references sight and/or altered reality. Other possible names include Nintendo Sight, Nintendo Reality, Nintendo AR and Nintendo Matrix.

Although the technical capabilities of the device will greatly exceed that of the Wii U and PlayStation 4, this additional power is likely to be reserved for the augmented functionalities themselves, thus limiting its’ graphical capabilities significantly. It is expected to be capable of producing graphical detail similar to that of the Wii U.



Well, there’s my prediction. I honestly didn’t put all that much thought into this, as I’m having an argument with a fool over on Reddit. I’ll see if I can revise this prediction later on, and update it with more realistic specifications. I’ll also try to go into as much detail as I possibly can.