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Short Story – Issue #6

"Run, you stupid psycho midget maniac! Run like your life depends on it!"

In reality, his life had already been sealed away inside of a rich mans vault. He was participating in a twisted game of cat and mouse, spectated by mentally insane billionaires. He was just a man, and a small one at that. 

Before he was captured and forced to obey to the lawless rules of the game, he considered himself a rather bright individual. A sunny future filled with fluffy clouds, a suburban home with a white picket fence. Any sane person would have such dreams, to live a happy life until the unfortunate end.
Then he was taken in the mid of day, forced to commit horrendous tasks, both sexual and violent in nature. You could say it turned him into an untamed animal, twisting the very threads that made up his brain into a tangled ball of yarn. He's evolved into the evil mindset of the very people who abducted him, and he's enjoying every minute of it. 
He no longer cares if he lives or dies, just as long as he takes another soul with him on his upcoming journey to hell. It's inevitable, he will die, there's no doubt in his tangled mind that his end is soon to come. He doesn't know how, or where. He just kno--


Darkness had seeped into his blood-stained vision, and a sharp pain emitted from his heart. 
He had just been shot by an unknown assailant. 

"Death was my cure to the insanity of life" he proclaimed aloud, before falling into an eternal slumber. 

Short Story - Issue #6
The Midget And The Game