I’d like to apologize for the very graphic content contained within the original Issue #2. This rewrite contains a new and unique story, with much less violence and sexual content.


Living within this world is a joke. I mean, honestly, just look at how pathetic you all are. You've got crime here, violence there, and war all around. Yet, you are all blinded by the truth. You see, where I come from, this type of livin' would be considered preposterous! Oh right, you don't know who I am, huh? 

Well then, let me introduce myself. My name is Yillian, and I'm from what you would likely call 'a new dimension'. Quite simply, I reside within a world much like the one you are livin' in now, except this world is totally and completely free of all crime. See, this world that I be residin' in was the original world for human life. I am a member of the one and only original human race, while you are from the third dimension, which basically means you're an idiot and a jerk, and enjoy killing things. 

Thankfully, your world is soon to be demolished. I guess you could consider this here message an official statement from our dimension. We cannot allow you all to live, if you can even classify what you are all doing as 'living' to begin with. 

So, please do enjoy whatever short life you all have left. Your world ain't getting any younger, or older for that matter. So go, have fun. Kill whatever poor defenseless animal you can before your world goes bye-bye. 

Short Story 2 - Issue #2
R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World As We Know It
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