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Feelings… Oh How I Hate Them!

As I sit here, awake in my bed, I can’t help but to wonder the point of my existence. Honestly, I’ve been feeling like an illusion as of late, as if stuck between the line of what is real, and what is fake. Like a never ending dream that is constantly verging on a nightmare, yet never goes beyond the dream state.

Though, I suppose these feelings of mine are nothing more than the side effect of life. We are all destined to eventually question ourselves. I suppose you could say it is inevitable, and a part of being human.

Scars never heal completely, not even with the help of time. Sure, they may fade and morph as time goes on, but they will forever be a part of you. Emotional scars formed your personality, shaping your very self in ways you could never imagine.

That’s the thing with life, and emotions in general. You need pain to evolve. That is why I hate feeling such complicated emotions, as I would much rather live in the known past, then experience the unknown future, and the pains that it’ll bring.