Before I start this off, you should know that I am nothing more than a measly video game developer with intermediate experience in business management. So, the odds of my below predictions proving to be accurate are slim to none.

Having said that little disclaimer, let’s predict the future.


The Order: 1886 is one of the PlayStation 4’s major exclusive properties, and the hype around this title has the speed and power of a Japanese bullet train. There’s just so much magnetized hype revolving around this game. Chances are, if you are a console enthusiast, you’ve already heard of The Order: 1886. However, if you’re a noob to our world of gaming, here’s an exciting trailer.

So, just how well will this super awesome video game score with the internet critics? With this much hype, it would be nearly impossible to gain a perfect score, as no matter how good the game itself is, you’ll always find someone to bitch about something, whether it’s a feature that doesn’t quite ‘feel’ right, or if the menu system is down right ugly. Rest assured, someone will complain.
Though, I believe it goes slightly beyond that, as what’ll happen when a game with this much hype turns out to be a major disaster?

Here are my review score predictions for The Order: 1886.

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Now, do the above scores indicate that this game is an absolute nightmare in the making? Of course not, as the game is sure to be something spectacular! However, I just don’t see how this could ever become the next uncharted, as there’s just something missing from the formula. Something that just doesn’t quite fit the mainstream market, or the general consumer appeal. There’s just something… off with The Order: 1886.

Specifically, I suspect that most reviews will praise the graphic design and story development, but list repetition and basic combat mechanics as being lackluster or otherwise broken / incomplete, though not to a point as to ruin the whole experience.


While I’m sure many of you will disagree with my above assessment, only time will tell if my prediction proves accurate.

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