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OnLive… Are They Still Significant?

Cloud gaming is nothing new, and has been around for nearly a decade. However, the recent cloud gaming advancements and usage concepts were completely pioneered by OnLive, which was announced at the Game Developers Conference  in 2009. OnLive officially launched to the continental United States on  June 10th, 2010, roughly four years before the announcement of PlayStation Now.

While OnLive no longer generates the same level of media attention as it did back in 2010, the service is still alive and strong, despite some darker clouds forming at the horizon.

Now that it is 2014, and with Sony offering a nearly identical cloud streaming service this summer, does OnLive even stand a chance against the rising tides of competition? Will OnLive be able to terraform our technologically enriched planet so we can once again see a sky filled with fluffy clouds of gaming data, or will they just fade away like a mid-summer breeze?

What are your thoughts? Do you believe OnLive can regain control of the cloud gaming sector of which they pioneered?
Is OnLive still a significant part of this industry?