Back in the day, I was a skilled journalist. I used to receive invitations to E3, CES and other well-known technology conventions.
I received free video games to review, and had a few serious connections with major video game publishing studios. I even managed to get a private interview with a major video game developer, though the interview was never published, due to undisclosed reasons.

Unfortunately, I have since fallen into the pit of journalistic Hell, and up until recently, I had no desire to escape.
That’s when it hit me. I’ve become a nobody. All of my past connections have been disconnected, and I no longer have any journalistic integrity.

Today, I hope to change that. To rebuild what I myself tore down. To once again publish editorials, and to build up my readership. It’ll be a hard road to travel, but the destination makes it all worthwhile.


I can only hope that my current readers come along for the ride.