A Personal Life Update

Nobody reads this stupid little blog of mine, so I figured I would post a personal update on my life. So long story short, I lost both of my parents in 2022. They died only a few short months apart, for totally different reasons. My father had an “assisted suicide” due to a longstanding heart […]

Opinionated Opinions of an Uneducated Individual Gentleman

This blog of mine is something of an unusual place, where I can attempt to express myself without worrying about having thousands or millions of people reading my words. You see, no one but my cat knows that this blog even exists, and even my cat (being the demonic she-devil that she is) doesn’t give […]

I’m still alive, I think?

Sorry for the crap activity on this blog lately, but I mean, can you blame me? I’m the only human reading this thing, with the other lifeform being my ungrateful bastard of a feline companion. (aka cat)

Giving Away Games on Twitch

Hey guys, check out my (currently live) Twitch broadcast! I’ve already given away one game. Who will the next one go to? 😀 twitch.tv/sidular