The Tango PC is said to be the worlds most powerful micro computer, that can easily play all of the latest and greatest video games, office programs and practically anything else that Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux can natively run. Let me just set things straight. The Tango PC does not have the power to replace your desktop, and it is incapable of generating the amount of graphical detail shown in the above image, which is displaying Battlefield 4 running on what appears to be ultra high settings. Additionally, they are using a controller that is clearly meant to resemble the DualShock 3, which is the wireless controller used by Sony’s PlayStation 3 game console. This is very misleading, as it clearly states how this tiny little product is intended to be able to play high end video games, when the specifications simply do not allow it.

Speaking of specs, the base end model will have 2GB of RAM, 32GB SSD, an AMD A6-5200 Quad Core 2GHz CPU, and an integrated HD 8400 GPU with no VRAM. So, it basically has the graphics power of the Intel 4000 series line. Needless to say, the Tango PC is in no way intended for gamers. (You can upgrade the RAM and the hard drive, but everything else is stuck the way it is)

So, why they’d even bother to market the Tango PC for gamers is beyond me. It’s really quite laughable, if you think about it. While the Tango PC is priced at around $399, it does not include a monitor. Also, the lack of Bluetooth means you’ll have to be tethered to the device, so don’t expect this to sit next to your TV, unless you have extra long USB wires to hook up an existing keyboard and mouse. While it is certainly a good price for a full computer, I doubt most serious or experienced computer users will consider the Tango PC as a replacement to their last generation video game console, desktop or home entertainment device, like the Roku.

Having said all that, the Tango PC would be an excellent computer for the older generation. It’s small, lightweight and relatively easy to use and understand. You just plug in the wires, push the button, and on it goes, instantly bringing you straight to your desktop, waiting to be used.

For the people that understand technology, the Tango PC is more of a screenless tablet than a full blown computer. You’re getting roughly the same power as a high end tablet, with all of the benefits of a full desktop computer. However, just don’t expect anything major. It can’t replace your high end gaming PC, nor can it replace your game console. It is simply a low end computer at a low end price, and if you have very low expectations, or if you’re simply looking for a highly portable desktop that you can bring to a friends, or use in your dorm, the Tango PC is a hard product to beat.

Besides, just because a product is underpowered, doesn’t make it a bad product. The Tango PC is priced right, and should be able to outperform most of the laptops for the same price range, assuming of course you’re not using a laptop from 2012, 2013 or 2014, in which case, the Tango PC is probably on-par with your current laptop, which also includes a screen, keyboard, trackpad, webcam, microphone and, sometimes, even a DVD burner.

The Tango PC is simply small, and considering the size, also quite powerful. Though, I do question their marketing ethics. Seriously, you’re not going to use this as a gaming computer, or a console replacement, or an entertainment device, or even a fucking desktop. Chances are, you’ll just end up using it in addition to your desktop, but not as an actual replacement.


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