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Introducing – Insanity!

Dear children of this Earth, I Ty Harvey wish to congratulate you on your general stupidity and ignorance. It truly wonfuul 2 no u tlk lke tis as if 2 frow out teh enitre englissh langage in 1 qik swoop.

Grammar and proper spelling has gone the way of an extinct bird. I truly do hope you are proud of yourself, and the way you mindlessly disregard decades of proper etiquette and civilized standards. It is a true shame that this highly unintelligent generation will eventually take the reigns of our fine planet Earth, and because I wish to be a part of the general population at large, I too will be among the X-revolution and our constant quest of pain, violence and anarchy.



Say it with me, everyone!


Viva La Stúpidity!