Introducing the first ever hybrid between a standard blog post, and a relatively accurate news article!

Remember the little thing called ‘Xbox One’? Yeah, I’m sure you do.

Well, turns out, the press conference that Microsoft held to announce their little shiny DVR actually did something that Microsoft didn’t expect; it helped Nintendo make a quick million.

Hey, no joke. The sale of the Wii U has increased significantly over in the UK. Not just by 200%, or even 500%, but a whopping 875% increase in sales, and this all happened practically overnight.

The Wii U went from being the 390th most popular item on Amazon UK, to the 40th most popular, and you’ve got the mighty M$ to thank for that.


So, thank you Microsoft! Nintendo owes you big time. Seriously, if not for your ‘game’ conference that had more TV and media than it did actual games, Nintendo may still be sitting in the poor house… at least, if you can call $10,000,000,000 of debt-free cash reserves to be ‘poor’, then by all means, let Nintendo rot away within their imaginary house. Heck, invite me along, too.

I think we share different definitions of the word ‘poor’ and ‘house’.


So yeah, I’m still excited about the Xbox One, simply because I’m actually smart enough to understand just how freaking cool the Azure cloud network could potentially be for the Xbox brand. Hell, in theory, the Xbox One could be the last ever video game console from Microsoft, as you’d never need to ever upgrade to a new device ever again. Yay cloud technology! 




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