Basically, I’m a cynical sarcastic asshole with a God complex. I’m also cool, awesome and apparently have an ego larger than the state of Texas, which means shit to me, since I’m Canadian.

To be quite honest with you, I’m just a random guy on the net that just so happens to have a blog, and countless opinions to rant about. ┬áNo, I don’t give a shit about the price of gas, nor do I care about taking pictures of my food so some poor internet loser can get off on how delicious it is. Cause, you know, people are weird.

I’m just here to write pointless articles, that will probably only ever be read by five stupid individuals, and perhaps a stray hamster on a laptop. Why a hamster? Cause, hamsters are awesome! If you disagree with that, you’re an idiot, and deserve to die a brutally painful death, preferably in a way that involves hamsters.

Now, if you’re reading this article, chances are, you’re only giving a damn because of the giveaways that I’ve been hosting. Sure, you may have subscribed to my newleter, which notified you of this rather pointless article, but you should really understand just one simple fact. Ready? Alright. THIS BLOG SUCKS! By god, how I’m managing 200 visitors per month is beyond me! I mean, either you’re all here for the free beer/games, or you’re all bored of Reddit, and wanted to read some random idiot on the internet complain about how stupid random things are stupid and random! Seriously, get a life you guys! (or a room, if you’re into that kinda stuff)

Anyways, I’m bored, tired, hungry, thirsty, and generally insane. So, I’m ending this abomination of an ‘article’ now, and am just going to publish this mess, since, you know, no one is going to even read this anyways, quality control isn’t exactly a priority.


Though, if you ARE reading this, leave a comment. I want to see how many idiots are willing to openly disclose that they are, in fact, dumb. So, comment away, reader! I dare you!