“Show me a scientist who says spirits are real.”

Scientists believe in data, and expand upon their research and knowledge by using this data to gain a better understanding as to how everything ‘works’.
A scientist is a general term, and can be applied to a wide range of professions, and is not limited to simply ‘being smart’.
Therefore, there is an entire field of scientists who all strongly believe, and are researching, the existence of the paranormal.

However, some well-known scientists who believe in the paranormal include; Brian Josephson, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and even Stephen Hawking, who he himself admits that extraterrestrial beings (fits within the paranormal category) have a very high probability of existing elsewhere in our universe. (extraterrestrials are commonly said to contain psychic-like capabilities, and although Hawking did not specifically mention said capabilities in his statement, if we are to believe evolution, it’s only logical for these beings to have some form of extra-ordinary abilities, otherwise known as supernatural)


“Just because something appears on tape doesn’t mean it’s scientific evidence”

Actually, yes. That is exactly what that means, as quite simply, documented recordings is a form of scientific evidence. Otherwise, law enforcement and government agencies would not rely on photographic or video evidence of a subject committing a felony, or proving his whereabouts.
“Also, negative proof is impossible.”

That’s both correct, as well as incorrect.
Being able to ‘disprove’ something as inaccurate or false is quite common within the scientific community. If, for example, you are able to find another explanation for certain aspects of the paranormal evidence, then by all means, be my guest.
Try to find another explanation for the ‘spirit voice’ recordings which are extremely common. Static in the air? Radio interference from other electronic devices? Sure, those are all possibilities, but they have also all been ruled as improbable. Radio interference is rare, and when it occurs, it normally causes a short burst of static or unexplained noises. These noises, unless there is another outputting device capable of encoding long and intelligence voice responses at a nearby house of some kind, cannot be associated with this kind of interference, as quite simply, there aren’t any devices within operating radius capable of interfering with said recording equipment.
“Asking someone to prove there isn’t something is not scientific.”

Correct, but when other evidence is present, it’s only logical to base this evidence against already known material. If logical explanations can be found, then it can be ruled out. (by logical, I’m referring to the scientific community’s version of ‘logic’, rather than the individual understanding)
“We can see chemicals invisible to the naked eye. : With microscopes.”

Yes, we can see chemicals using equipment designed specifically to allow us to see said chemicals, however, these chemicals cannot be seen by the naked eye itself. Naked, being, without any outside help.
Spirits, like certain chemicals, require specific equipment for us to see and properly understand them. However, because the existence of spirits hasn’t been receiving major research attention, we are forced to use the current, and rather limited, technologies available at our local Wal-Mart.
Science is, and will forever remain, a flawed concept, simply because it is an ever expanding base of knowledge, which, with future knowledge and discoveries, completely rules out all ‘facts’ that were once commonly believed to be true.
Most people, and even some supposed scientists, do not truly understand that they are attempting to make past knowledge obsolete by continuously searching for better answers. Our current understanding and concept of ‘logic’ may one day be replaced with something more factually complete. If the general scientific community were capable of fully proving the existence of the paranormal, and if they managed to capture or communicate with a ‘spirit’ directly and in a controlled environment, literally thousands of currently well-known theories and ‘facts’ will instantly be disproven with this one discovery. A discovery which would also open up an equally large amount of new research material, questions and potential answers.
However, most scientists grasp on to a single concept, and fight to maintain it in any way they can. Science should, rather than holding on to past knowledge, be about further expanding our knowledge and understanding by fully researching different areas. Spirits, or the ‘afterlife’, is something that can be proven as being either true or false. We just need to approach it with the right equipment, and with the right state of mind.
You can’t go in ‘knowing’ that the paranormal doesn’t exist, as obviously, any and all evidence you receive will not be properly considered and analyzed. This is called ‘arrogance’, and is something the current scientific community knows all too well. They no longer wish to expand their knowledge, they wish to instead prove that everyone else is wrong. That just isn’t what science is about, so feel free to hate me for sticking with the morals of knowledge.