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Destiny Killer – Prologue

During the time it takes you to read this, I’ve already murdered 17 people. Innocently beautiful souls now laying on the pavement in a pool of their own blood and bile. Tears still forming in their eyes, the emotion of fear frozen on their blank faces. They were at one time a family. A family uniting as a single force. A force, if not stopped, would ultimately result in the end of all life on earth.
The family of which I murdered, just like other families and individuals, have been given a destiny to fulfill. A destiny written in stone. Everyone has a destiny, but only some are capable of knowing what was written. Destinies cannot be altered, and upon trying, will result in your imminent and normally brutal death.

While abiding to and understanding that one cannot change a prewritten destiny, there are some fools who try to bend the rules. Among those fools, is myself. I have advanced P.D.A abilities, otherwise known as ‘Paranormal Destiny Altering’. I can see the destinies of other people, and can terminate them if required. Terminating a destiny requires use of a spiritual hammer, which can only be used by its psychic creator. Although the hammer is not a physical item or tool, it’s a metaphorical energy locked within closed doors inside of our soul. Everyone is capable of using their hammer, but only a select few know how. That’s why people like myself are rare, and are of high-importance to governments worldwide. Governments use P.D.As as there form of supernatural super weapon. We relay our information to them, and they give us assignments. Occasionally, the assignment is relatively easy, and involves nothing more than monitored surveillance, which normally places us in the back of an unmarked car, watching people with ‘risky’ destinies.
Destinies are based on an importance rating, with the higher rating implying future complications or catastrophic events, normally related or caused by the person depicted in the destiny. When one of these destinies are discovered, P.D.As are sent out to kill the ‘target’, as to prevent such an event to occur in the future.



This story is intended to be a series, and I have some rather unique ideas for future chapters. However, I’m not entirely sure if I should continue this series or not, as it isn’t like my blog has a ton of readers to make writing additional chapters worthwhile.

If I write additional chapters, it would be because of you; my readers. If you enjoyed reading this story, and would like to see the Destiny Killer universe expand into an actual series, please be sure to write up your support in the comment section.
No comments = no series.