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The Clock

Looking up at the ceiling, Katie couldn't help but wonder how her life would turn out. She's always been a visionary, which is a trait she got from her father. Would she become a lawyer and work for the government? Perhaps a doctor, or possibly a police officer? 
A voice interrupted Katie's daydream, and she was forced to snap back into reality. 
"Yes Ms. Applebee?" she said aloud in front of her 7th grade class. "Sorry, could you please repeat that?" Katie asked politely. 

"Sure, just make sure to pay attention this time" Ms. Applebee said in a stern voice. 
"If the time in Sydney Australia is 5:30 PM, what time would it be in New York?" 

Oh, I know this one. "2:30 AM" I said proudly. 

"Sorry Katie, that's incorrect. The correct answer is 1:30PM." Applebee said in a slightly raised voice. 

Drat, I was certain that was the...


-Briiiinnngg Briiiinnngg-
The... The school bell? What just happened?