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The Scary Door – Episode 1

Oh, hello there, and happy holidays! We here at Pin Pappy Games wish all you boys and girls a wonderful holiday season, filled with joy and laugher, gingerbread and candy canes. But most of all, we urge all of you toy givers and receivers to spend tonight as if it were your last night on earth. For all you know, it just very well could be. 

So, gather around your tiny virtual television sets and slowly drink a hot cup of cocoa, and prepare to enter... The Scary Door. 


"Murder Burger - The Only Burger Worth Killing For"


Welcome back to tonights scheduled program. 

Are you drunk, wandering the space time continuum endlessly looking for a way out? Did you just see a purple fish fly by your head? No? Maybe.. Probably not. Now it's time for you to experience that, and far more. It's time for you to enter... The Scary Door. 

The world you live in is a lie. A matrix of lost information. That cat beside you isn't a cat. It's a dog. And that dog beside you isn't a dog, it's a broom. No, a mop. A scary mop. 

But there is only one thing scarier than a scary mop, and that's a race of killer robotic toy monkeys from an alternate reality. A reality that no one can truly comprehend. A reality that is so real, it isn't real at all. They call this reality Toys R USA. 

The bubble that holds our very dimensions together is about to pop, soon followed by our universal cherries. The evil robotic killer toy monkey king just declared earth the planet of the robotic toy monkeys, forcing the apes to take control of another planet, like mars, or something. We truly do not know, as saying anything more would result in a copyright infringement from the ape people, so we Better shut our vampire mouths, as we really suck at creating a television show in letter form. Also, twilight sucks. 

And so ends, The Scary Door. 

Next time on The Scary Door-

Giant killer robotic bees battle to the death against the giant killer toy monkeys! Will the earth be saved after all? Find out next time on The Scary Door!