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Three o’Clock

December 14, 2013Clock Story Standard

“Ka….Are _ou o_ay? Katie? Wake up!” a familiar voice thundered in the distance. My mother, or at least it sounded like her. But… No, i was at the school… How did….? It can’t be my mother… Can it?  — Briiiinnngg — The bell rang once more, echoing through the darkness. “Where am I” I said […]

Twelve o’Clock

September 17, 2013Clock Story Standard

“Where did… What just happened?”  I looked around to study the room, and to my surprise, I was sitting at my desk in Ms. Applebees classroom. The room was dark, except for a fine streak of moonlight that shone in through the windows.  Scared, I stumbled out of my desk and across the room to […]

The Clock

September 14, 2013Clock Story Standard

Looking up at the ceiling, Katie couldn’t help but wonder how her life would turn out. She’s always been a visionary, which is a trait she got from her father. Would she become a lawyer and work for the government? Perhaps a doctor, or possibly a police officer?  A voice interrupted Katie’s daydream, and she […]