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I Gotta Step It Up

This blog isn’t exactly the most popular of places, which honestly annoys me to no end.

Back when I wrote for a website called Gaming Rant, it was usual for my articles to be seen by thousands of people, with some receiving over one hundred thousand total views. I guess I’ve come to expect the same type of viewership with all of my projects. Even my web hosting service receives thousands of unique visitors every month.

And then I look at this blog, and realise just how sloppy I have become. I’m writing about magical hamsters and video games, all while providing absolutely no valid input of my own. My blog is in no way unique, and this garbage I’m creating is in no way worth reading. Hell, even I can’t be bothered to read the very articles that I create.

So, consider this a new beginning, as well as my humble apology for the atrocity of my previous entries. I intend to step up my game, and write valuable entries from now on. My opinions, expressed within a montage of words. This is the new Ty’s Blog. A logical, practical and interesting place to read valuable articles about my hobbies, my professions, my experiences, and my inner demons of insanity.