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Rogue Legacy is far from your typical video game. Sure, you’ve got a randomly generated castle to explore, as well as a bunch of unique enemies to fight. That’s all fairly common nowadays. The main thing that sets Rogue Legacy apart from every other platformer out there, is its trait system.

See, every single playable character in the game belongs to one giant family tree. This family is very similar to your family in real life, in that each and every individual has his or her own unique genes. Some are tall, some are small, some are light, some are heavy, some are stupid, some are smart, some are insane, some are colour blind, some lack depth perception, some are hyper, and some really, really like Tron. Your playing experience depends on who you play as, and what trait they were born with. This is a really fun and unique concept, and it works perfectly with the random nature of the game.

But on top of all that, you also have character classes. The classes themselves aren’t all that original, with things like Barbarians having extra health, and the Shinobi(ninja) being extra fast. But thanks to traits, every class is unique and fun to play. Like, have you ever wanted to be an insane spelunker? Waht abuot a dyslexic ninja? Or, worst yet, a dude that can never stop farting?

Rogue Legacy is just unthinkably strange, funny, and unique. But best of all, it’s a solid roguelike platformer.

Worth a Buy?

Yes, it is most definitely worth purchasing! Rogue Legacy is by far one of the best games I have played in years. It’s a true indie gem, worth every golden coin in your pocket.

Things Worth Mentioning

While Rogue Legacy technically provides keyboard support, it was clearly designed with controllers in mind. You need a controller to properly enjoy this game.


If you’re a fan of games such as Super Mario Brothers, Castlevania, Super Meat Boy,  Shovel Knight, or Spelunky, you absolutely must add Rogue Legacy to your collection.

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*We recommend GOG over Steam, due to its DRM-free nature.



*We recommend PSN over Xbox, since it’s cross-buy and cross-save enabled.


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