If you look high up into the sky at this very moment, just as I am doing right now, you will see what is commonly referred to as a super moon. If you were among the lucky few, you’ll have noticed a slight tinge of red covering the moon, almost like a sea of crimson blood. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky, and instead cast my gaze upon a moon enlarged with light. My sight was clear, even though the night had long since taken over the realm.

But I find myself writing this not to talk of a night cast aglow, but rather to inform you all of something else, truly magnificent. My moon, unlike the moon of many, was full of more than just light. For my moon shone brightly down upon me with a rainbow of colour. Rays of impossibility. Every so often, a new colour would make itself known, replacing the last, before being replaced by another a short while later.

I sat there in awe, doing nothing but staring up at the sky above. While it took me a while, I managed to snap a quick photograph as the moon was in its teal blue phase, before ultimately heading inside, and sitting beside an open window. Through the window, the moon appears as white as ever.

Everything is back to normal, and even though it is late, I cannot sleep. I feel compelled to look up at the moon, and while this may just be the imagination of a tired man, I could have sworn, if not for a second, that I could hear the moon calling down to me, wishing me a joyful rest.

Whether any of this is seen to be true, or a mere work of fiction by a tired mind. It doesn’t matter. Either way, I have a strong belief that I will be sleeping quite soundly tonight, and wish the same for you, my loyal readers and followers.

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