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Another “Windows 10 Sucks” Article

Hello, you miss me?

Didn’t think so. But I don’t care. I’m too annoyed to care. Know why?
Because Windows 10 is a horrible operating system. I’ve tried to be relatively subjective, but no; it’s the worst operating system I have ever used. It requires daily restarts to work. Oh, and I’m fairly certain that there’s a memory leak, which is preventing certain processes, namely hl2.exe, from closing down via the task manager. Even using a more advanced tool like Process Explorer is failing to end the process. Access Denied is the error given.

Here, see for yourself.

As you can see from the video above, ending hl2.exe is impossible, no matter the means. My only option is to completely restart my computer, which doesn’t seem like a viable long-term solution.


I will give Microsoft credit, though. The hard disk usage that I reported on earlier, is no longer spiking as high as it once was. So, clearly Microsoft is aware of some of these problems, and is doing everything that they can to fix them. And while that’s cool and all, I just wish they spent more time on ensuring that the problems didn’t exist in the first place. Windows 10 feels like a beta operating system, and that isn’t a good thing. But hey, at least they’ve optimized disk usage since this OS launched, so that’s something, right?


For those of you interested in taking the leap over to Microsoft’s latest OS, I’d recommend waiting a year or more for this thing to become stable. Now, I know some Windows 10 users aren’t having any issues at all, and that’s awesome. If you don’t have issues, good for you. But at the same time, there’s a huge group of people that are having issues everywhere they look. Perhaps not to the same extent as mine, which I assume is a pretty rare thing. I mean, come on! I’ve encountered more bugs than features so far with Windows 10, and back at launch, I had a new problem occur every hour, on the hour. But now that the OS has been in open beta waters for over a month, Microsoft has improved upon it drastically. So, perhaps there’s hope that Windows 10 will one day become the great operating system we all want it to be. But for now, it’s worse than Vista.


What are your thoughts on Windows 10? Are you encountering any major bugs, glitches, or errors? Let me know in the comment area, and we can compare notes! 😀