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A Twisted Poem Without The Rhymes

This is no life, this isn’t living. There is nothing here for me. They say I have a purpose. A higher power. A meaning. They say a lot of things. I have yet to fully understand what I am, or what I am capable of. I know my calling, but cannot hear or understand the language of the one who calls. I feel as though I am guided, yet I also feel worthless; a pawn. A suicide waiting to happen. A mistake. A puppet. That is what I am, is it not? I can see things that others choose to be blind to. I know things no man should, and yet my knowledge has no true holding within my mind. It doesn’t belong within me. What am I to do with the forbidding knowledge, when no one else around me is wise enough to hear the truth with an open mind, let alone understand it if the knowledge were to be passed on. I am nothing more than a failure, a cruel joke within a crowd of clowns and jesters. A twisted nightmare inside of an otherwise sane mind. That is how I feel, yet who am I to tell? It isn’t as if these four walls that surround me have ears or eyes, and if they do, they’ve remained deaf and blind to the atrocity that is my life. Nobody cares for me, not even myself. Am I even human? What makes a human a ‘human’? The ability to feel? The ability to fear? Is it empathy? Perhaps it is the soul? Is it nothing more than our genetic makeup? Our DNA? A wise man once said we are all created equal. How can that be true, when the others around us, our society, treats all individuals with such hate and disrespect. Authority, civilians, royalty. The different groups of the supposed status quo. There is no equality, there is no actual freedom. Laws, rules and guidelines enforce limitations on what it is we can do, and if a law is broken, our rights can and will be revoked. This isn’t freedom, this is insanity. An illusion. Why even bother living within a world such as this, when you know that your life can be taken away from you without a seconds notice. To have everything you worked so hard to build or create stolen from the supposed higher ups, simply because they deem what you do, or what you believe in, to be unworthy of a free life. To be unworthy of an equal life. To have your entire property sold off at a state auction, or to be forced to spend the rest of your life behind bars, simply because you broke one of the many always changing laws. If that is what you consider freedom, you’re nothing more than a slave, obeying your master faithfully, and without question. If you believe in and respect the United States government, the Canadian government, the British Monarchy, or any of the respective rulers of any country on this Earth, you may as well wear a permanent dunce hat, and sit forever in a dark corner of the room. You’re a fool, and nothing more.


Farewell, my darling. We will meet again.