This entire post shouldn’t exist, and yet it does. I really don’t know why I’m writing an obviously idiotic post about nothing at all… perhaps I’m just insane, and the boredom of being awake at 4 o’clock in the morning has driven me to write my insanity down onto a virtual paper, taking the form of a blog article? 

Sure, that seems like a logical assumption to the complexities of nothingness. Yes, that assumption is quite logical indeed, or so I’m told by the gators in my bed. Or perhaps it was in my head? Honestly, I can never quite remember just where those little monsters hide. Look, now I’m writing pointless rhymes, yet I have no clue why. I suppose it’s because I’m a guy… no, I’m not doing this anymore! I’m not, I tell you! 

Just hit Publish, Ty. Please, do it for yourself to publish this nonsensical post into the vastness of space. That is, the web space that my web site is hosted on. I mean, this is a space, right? You’d think I’d know the answer to such a question, being as how I own the server my site sits upon. Perhaps my web hosting experience has driven me to the bank of dreams? Surely that’s the answer to life, yes?

No, that isn’t the answer to life, what the devil was I thinking? Honestly, I feel pained by even suggesting that the answer to life was life. Er, no; I suggested it was dreams, didn’t I? Oh bother, now you’ve got my rambling on like a British gentleman, moon hanging ever so elegantly in the nights sky. Perhaps it was the moon all along that drove me to this, Ellen. Perhaps it was the stars above my bed that forced me to lie to the spiders living down in the deepest of depths. I really cannot even fathom just how realistic the game of life truly is, for I am but a mere player, waiting for my end screen to appear.

“Technically it’s a game over screen, Ty” said my brain, attempting to communicate its knowledge to the owner, otherwise known as me. But I ignored it, for the brain was no longer in charge of my mind. What good does even having a brain ever bring to the owner of said organ? Er, wait; is a brain an organ, a muscle, or a fish? Why did I just type out fish? Or, perhaps a species of fish is actually called brain? No, that would just be silly, wouldn’t it? Yes, silly it would be.


(that means finish, for you less literate folk)