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Did you know…

August 18, 2018Random Quote

…that the cow says ‘OINK!’? […]

These four walls of despair

June 1, 2017Rambling, Random Standard

Death is something that’s constantly plaguing the back of my twisted little mind. It’s there, stinking up the joint, and acting as a constant reminder of my past mistakes and endless transgressions. I’ve done things that I’m not proud of, and I unfortunately now find myself standing upon the ledge of truth and dishonesty. You […]

This is how I broke my lefterior anklieous

November 4, 2016Nonsense, Random Standard

Okay, so this isn’t really an article. I’m just writing this out of boredom, and lack of sleep. Figured I’d do a sort of experiment to see how many other bored users of Le Reddit are Googling lefterior anklieous. So, yeah. If you’re from reddit, hi… Now piss off, and go back to Reddit. My blog […]

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I get $1 per month on ad revenue

February 19, 2016Money, Random Standard

Currently, I’m making huge bucks with this here blog thingy. On average, I make roughly $1 each and every month, all via advertisements! I mean, how cool is that, huh? 😀 Seriously, AdSense is great, if you’re getting 50,000 hits or more per month. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it. I could very well remove […]

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