I get $1 per month on ad revenue

Currently, I’m making huge bucks with this here blog thingy. On average, I make roughly $1 each and every month, all via advertisements! I mean, how cool is that, huh? 😀 Seriously, AdSense is great, if you’re getting 50,000 hits or more per month. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it. I could very well remove […]

PS4 Price Increase – Math Has Been Done! (Sony’s being unethical)

In regards to the previously published entry, I just did the math. See, the price is being increased due to the value of the Canadian dollar falling. However, things just don’t seem to add up, and Sony is essentially making free money with every sale of PS4 games, systems and accessories. Games originally priced at […]

Gaming Is No Longer A Form of Art!

This isn’t really intended to be a proper blog post, but more of a way to self medicate my growing rage and anger towards a once thoughtful and beautiful art form. I grew up with gaming and music, and saw them both as being a very beautiful form of art. Every time I saw or […]

PlayStation Now – Not Cool, Sony!

As some of you are likely well aware, Sony intends to launch their own cloud gaming service this summer. PlayStation Now (previously called Gaikai) will basically let you stream entire PS3 video games to certain Sony devices, such as the Vita and PS3. You’ll require an additional membership to the service, rumored to be $50 […]