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How to get free review copies of games and become a game reviewer

August 18, 2017Editorial, Gaming Standard

Hey there, so you’re looking to become a game reviewer, huh? Good choice! I’ve been writing for the game industry for nearly ten years now, and while the job can at times get very hard and tedious, it can also be very rewarding and fun. Hopefully this article acts as a guide of sorts for […]

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I’ve been on a space binge

July 3, 2016Editorial, Gaming Standard

Alright, so here’s the thing, yeah? Space is freaking huge. I mean, you probably knew that already, but just in case you’re an idiot, I figured I’d mention it anyway. Space has always fascinated the absolute crap out of me. I mean, dude? Most of the stars we see floating in the sky? Yeah, they’re […]

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Remembering OnLive – One Year Later

April 2, 2016Editorial, Gaming, OnLive Standard

OnLive was a revolutionary technology, that provided cloud video gaming services to anyone, on any device. Because OnLive streamed all of your games over a broadband internet connection, gamers were able to play even the most graphically demanding games, on pretty much any computer. If your computer was capable of streaming 720p HD video, you could […]

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Like Games? Check Out Gaming Rant

February 24, 2016Gaming, Gaming Rant, Official Blog Stuff Standard

Gaming Rant, for those of you that may be unfamiliar with my history, is a website that I’ve been operating for over six years. This blog wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Gaming Rant’s success, since I created this blog as a secondary means to write content not particularly related to the video game industry. […]

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