An Xbox Live Rant, By a Long Time Gold Member

If you’re not up to date, Xbox Live on the Xbox One has been having some serious issues over the last couple of days, and up until now, it never really affected me. Sure, I wasn’t able to socialize with my online buddies, but at least I could still play my downloaded video games, albeit […]

Future of giveaways on this blog (first two comments get a free game)

I know a fair number of my readers are mostly here for the free loot. I also know that you’ve long since forsaken me, given the lack of free loot in recent times. See, free loot ain’t free for me, since I gotta pay for it out of my own pocket. Sadly, I’m poor, and […]

Dear PlayStation: This is why I hate you

Warning: this article contains poorly written journalism, opinions that may differ from your own, and strong feelings. Read at your own risk! If you know anything at all about me, or if you've read any of my previous articles, you're likely more than aware of just how much I love playing video games. Hell, I [...]

Why don’t we have a Hamster Simulator?

Goats, toast, octopuses, rats. It seems like everything nowadays has some type of simulation game to go along with it. So, why the hell hasn’t anyone made a Hamster Simulator? Seriously, I really don’t get it. With how insanely popular the other simulators are, why hasn’t anyone ever considered making a hamster simulator? I’d make […]