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Why don’t we have a Hamster Simulator?

Goats, toast, octopuses, rats. It seems like everything nowadays has some type of simulation game to go along with it.

So, why the hell hasn’t anyone made a Hamster Simulator? Seriously, I really don’t get it. With how insanely popular the other simulators are, why hasn’t anyone ever considered making a hamster simulator?

I’d make it myself, but I don’t want to be known as “that guy that made that game about hamsters“. Or perhaps I do. I have mixed feelings either way.

So yeah, if you’re a game developer, please make my dream of becoming a hamster come true. Just be sure to credit me for the idea, and give me a free copy once it’s done. Actually, give me a free copy a week or two before release, so I can be the first to play, stream, and record the living crap out of it! I’ll promote the game for you! So please, make this thing real! Do it! Just do it!