These four walls of despair

Death is something that’s constantly plaguing the back of my twisted little mind. It’s there, stinking up the joint, and acting as a constant reminder of my past mistakes and endless transgressions. I’ve done things that I’m not proud of, and I unfortunately now find myself standing upon the ledge of truth and dishonesty. You […]

You should buy Firewatch

Firewatch is an absolutely brilliant video game, and while I am currently writing up a review, I simply couldn’t wait to praise this wonderful work of art. If you haven’t already, you need to pick this up. While the game isn’t perfect, which I’ll touch on in my upcoming review, it’s by far the best […]

Antimagnetism: Finding the Opposite Force

Magnetism is a natural force within the universe, separate from gravity, though in a similar category. Magnetism has both a negative and a positive value, or so we currently believe. But what if magnetism acts as a single force, and that this ability to push or pull depending on side is nothing but a single […]