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These four walls of despair

Death is something that’s constantly plaguing the back of my twisted little mind. It’s there, stinking up the joint, and acting as a constant reminder of my past mistakes and endless transgressions. I’ve done things that I’m not proud of, and I unfortunately now find myself standing upon the ledge of truth and dishonesty. You see, to continue to do the shit that I do, I must make some self sacrifices to my own well being. To cut ties with the world that I once believed to be of truth, and jump face first into a new world of reworded honesty. I need to live a lie if I want for my actions to have any impact on the truth. I need to reshape my views and ideologies to something far more traditional in the world of business and commerce.

To put it bluntly, the best policy in any successful business is to lie to your customers, and cast a permanent shade over their experiences, while trying to convince them that the things they consume are for their own benefit as a consumer, and not for our benefit as a business. I need to become the businessman that the world loves to hate, as if I don’t, I will fade away into nonexistence. Everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve will be washed away, and no one will even realize it’s gone.

I need to start lying, and own up to the truths I fear to face. This world is a place of shadows, and I am not the light. I’m just another stone set out to block the light from shining through.