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*sigh* Windows 10 Creators Update is total shit

Microsoft, you’ve successfully managed to once again fuck up my computer with your corrupted operating system. Thanks for that, you jerks! D:

The Creators Update was pushed to me, and I had no choice but to install it. Let me tell you, it’s trash. Total and complete fucking trash. This thing? Yeah, it lowers game performance in virtually every single way. Not only that, but my mouse is far less responsive now. In game, it’ll just stop working for no real reason. Just one minute it’s fine, and the next, boom. No worky. There’s also about a 500 ms lag now with every single movement. So, wanna snipe in a first person shooter? Well, too bad! You can’t! Cause your aim is going to be so fucking inconsistent thanks to this piece of shit update.

Ironically, the Game Mode is also a performance killer in games. It’s supposed to make your game perform better or something. Nope! It’s a pure fucking lie. It actually reduces your overall game performance, and I’ve found that my frame rate is dropping in even the most basic of games.

Seriously, Microsoft fucked up. If you have the choice, definitely avoid this update until the last possible minute. It’s broken, it’s unreliable, and it’s shit. Avoid it like the fucking plague!