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“Cogeco” is Canada’s worst ISP

I’ve been a Cogeco customer for around three years now, and for a good while, Cogeco has been an absolute saint.
Then, starting mid to late 2013, Cogeco has done everything reasonably possible to piss me the fuck off. (yes, I swore, get over it, you bastard)

Cogeco’s internet services have gone to absolute shit as of late, with severe packet loss, insanely slow speeds, and better yet, a high price that no sane individual would ever think pay.
Yeah, you see, I’m paying just about $100 each month to ensure that I get the fastest internet possible. Well, that’s not entirely true, actually. I’m paying this amount so I can get a decent amount of networking bandwidth, given the fact that every tier below mine has a shitty bandwidth cap. So, the speed is really just a happy coincidence.
However, when they claim to provide 60 Mbps, I expect to receive 60 Mbps. Not 20 – 30 Mbps.  Sure, while 20-30 Mbps may still be somewhat fast when compared with other providers out there, it’s the inconsistency that gets me. Not only that, but there’s also an intense amount of packet loss, which according to a Cogeco representative, has nothing to do with the reported congestion in our area. (fucking knew they’d try to blame me and my equipment – bastards) 

Of course, gaming on any platform, whether it be the PC or the PS4, is nearly impossible with such an unreliably inconsistent internet connection. I have Cogeco to thank for this absolute mess.

To make matters even worse, Cogeco informed me (when I last talked with them) that they were fully aware of network congestion in my area, which would explain the slow speeds. However, they said they had no intentions of fixing it within the next six months, because the problem wasn’t significant enough for them to make it a priority.
Seriously? The fact that their network is running like absolute shit doesn’t warrant their fucking attention? They’re seriously just going to sit on their asses, doing nothing to resolve a serious problem? Are you fucking serious, Cogeco? How fucking retarded can you dumbasses be?


“Why don’t you switch” some unknown reader would scream.
Why, you ask? Because Cogeco is the absolute best I can get in this stupid shitty town I call home. I would have to move if I wanted to receive a reliable internet service that maintains the speeds advertised at all hours of the day.
Seriously, I should sue Cogeco for falsely advertising their services, but I’m sure some hidden term prevents this.


Shady business. Dark as all hell.

If you’re a Canadian, and you happen to stumble upon this here rant, please, I beg of you, avoid Cogeco. If no other cable provider exists in your town, get dial up. At the end of the day, it’s more reliable, and will save you money.
Just, avoid Cogeco. Never sign up. Don’t even bother looking at their website.
They are by far the worst provider around. Rogers? Bell? Nah, Cogeco tops them for horrible service. At least Rogers and Bell care about the general reliability of their network, and back when I was a Rogers customer, they at least restored all services within a two month period.
Cogeco will tell you outright that they don’t care. That you’re not a priority. That they have your money, and don’t give a flying shit about the services they are providing you.
I swear, if I had the option to switch, I would. I’d ditch Cogeco in a fucking heartbeat. I’d probably get TekSavvy, or even Bell. (now that Bell has got their shit together)

But nope, no options. Out of luck. No go.

Looks like I’m sticking with Cogeco, at least until I save up enough to move out of this horrid town, and into a city with a population count higher than Stephen Harper’s IQ.
Maybe I’ll move to Toronto, or Hamilton. Hell, even Belleville’s an option right now. (Go Bulls, but Leafs are still better)