Having your own website is something of a social status within today’s society. Whether it’s a blog, like this one, or some kind of professional storefront for your online business. Everyone, no matter age nor gender, should be able to easily create and manage a website.  That’s why I’ve written out this easy to follow guide. This whole process should take no more than twenty minutes.



Step 1. Choose a website hosting platform, such as DoRoyal. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to create a domain name. Domains are like your digital address on the internet, and is how people will find you. For instance, tyharvey.com is the domain for my blog.


Step 2. Login to your newly created cPanel account, and navigate down to Scripts > WordPress, as shown here. (note: your cPanel login information will be emailed to you)scripts


Step 3. Click on the blue Install button, as shown below. install


Step 4. Under Software Setup, delete ‘wp’ from the In Directory text field. The field should now be blank, and will look a little something like this. dir



Step 4a. Under Site Settings, enter your website’s name into the Site Name field, as well as a short Site Description. This can always be edited later on, so don’t worry about making a mistake. site settings


Step 4b. Under Admin Account, enter a desired Admin Username and Admin Password. (Warning: I recommend pressing the key icon to the right of the Admin Password entry field. This will generate a random password for you to use, which will greatly enhance your site security. Be sure to save this password somewhere safe, or write it down)



Step 4c. Under Select Plugins, click the box beside Limit Login Attempts. This will greatly enhance the security of your website. login


Step 4d. Ignore everything else, and go straight to the Install button at the bottom of the page.


Congratulations! Your website is now officially available on the internet. All you have to do now is add content and pages to your new site, which I’ll discuss in part two of this tutorial.  Stay tuned to my blog for future updates. 

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