Grand Theft Auto: V is one of this generations largest and most ambitious video games, and it can be a very photorealistic experience, as made evident by the screenshot above.

However, that level of graphical quality seems to be a very big rarity in GTA5. You have low resolution textures, high resolution textures, low shading, high shading. Really, it’s like a merry go round of graphical differences.
Here are a few screenshots that I took using an 8 megapixel Sony camera. (click the images to make them bigger)


(Standing Outside my Crib)


(Far Away Car)

DSC00804(Driving Up A Street)

Don’t get me wrong, the game looks absolutely stunning. However, there are a ton of unusual graphical variations, and depending on which side of L.S. you’re on, you may experience cars that look absolutely blocky, or cars that look super duper amazing.
The average gamer may not even notice these odd variations, as some of them are very subtle. Others? Well, just take a look at that blocky yellow car above, and you’ll see how some of the differences are much more obvious.

What’s your take on the graphical quality of Grand Theft Auto: V? Do you think the game looks ‘next generation’?

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