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Why Are Penguins So Freaking Random?

What is our fascination with those classy birds? Honestly, it seems like every corner of the internet has some kind of penguin-loving fan club. From your average Redditor to your unusual 4chan dumbass, penguin lovers are everywhere.

But why? Why are they so freaking awesome, and why is it that people always reference penguins when trying to be completely random? It’s as if penguins are the pinnacle of randomness.


Why? Just… why? It honestly makes no sense to me. We’ve come to the point in our lives when a complete digital stranger yelling PENGUIN in all capital letters is considered normal, if not even a tad expected.
You can also be pretty damn sure that at least one image of a penguin is submitted to Reddit at every hour of the day, and most  of them even make it to the front page via bad memes that never truly catch on.


Why are penguins so freaking random?