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Nightmare of Reality

I feel as though I must apologize for my unusually idiotic behavior. You see, I am but a lonely human living within an occupied world, forever destined to idly sit by the metaphorical curb of life.

In reality, I feel like a complete stranger. I keep asking my nearly unrecognizable reflection to leave the mirror for which he resides. Sadly, my reflection fails to abide by my instructions and rules. This saddens me, but it also provides me with a sort of strength. A fuel to a fire that has long since faded. It used to roar within me, and tear my insides apart. I missed the pain, and now that the fire has resurfaced, I feel my insides burning – tearing away at my inner most seams. This is an unheard-of energy. A strength. A powerful reason to continue the life that has been forced upon me.

And so, I open my eyes to a new day. A brightly lit light illuminating through my shadowy past, eliminating all of my demons with one quick swoop, or so the sun believed. A few shadows remain where the sun is unable to shine. They stalk the inner most regions of my untamed mind, waiting, itching to be set anew. They’re here, and will remain a part of me. They are me. They’re more than just a memory, they’re my nightmare of reality.



-Ty Harvey