A bolt of electricity surged through my body, immediately followed by the unearthly crackling of thunder filling the air above. I had just been struck by a bolt of lightning, and survived.
Well, that isn't entirely accurate, as I was never quite alive to begin with, so survival from such a voltage was to be expected.
My name is Nikola Tesla, and I just so happen to be a vrykolaka.
(commonly mistaken as a vampire, but I assure you, there's a very real difference)

Vrykolakas, unlike vampires, are the ancient rulers of this planet. We had advanced sciences, technology and knowledge thousands of years ahead of human kind, and hundreds of years ahead of vampires. We were the ultimate rulers, until the vampire race decided to get cocky, and ruin it all.

Vampires were never very intelligent when it came to their blood-lusting rituals. While vrykolakas recreated the same compounds found in blood, even to a point where we added our own tasteful flavors, vampires still participated in their usual killing ways, which required a selected group of thirsty vampire idiots to go out into the human civilized world, and kill unsuspecting victims in dark alleys.

Needless to say, vrykolakas and vampires had far too many cultural differences to truly get along. So, our races divided, and we ended up living in the shadows, while they were free to roam. When humans eventually discovered the existence of the vampire race, the humans fought with all that they had. Unfortunately, the vampires had better weapons and technology. Swords against accurate projectile weaponry. (guns).
That is when the entirety of the vrykolakas race decided to take action against the vampires, siding with the inferior humans.
We shared our technology with the humans, and managed to drive an entire species to extinction. The vampires had lost the war, and the humans were safe again.
Little did we know, the humans weren't quite ready for our advanced technology. They intended on exploiting our tools, and using them to perform violent acts upon their own people. We attempted to reclaim our tools and technology from the humans, so no harm could come of them.
We did not expect for the humans to retaliate against us, especially not with our own technology.

Rather than fight, we instead destroyed all of the technology we previously provided them. This would leave the humans weaponless against us.
We decided to shelter our way throughout the next forty-seven years underground. Throughout this time we genetically engineered the future of our race, and ensured that they wore a human coat to mask what they truly were, so they could survive among the new human-controlled Earth. That is where I, Nikola Tesla, come into play. You didn't honestly believe that one of the smartest 'humans' to ever live was truly a human, did you? You're really giving your race too much undeserved credit.

The End?