Seriously, what in the hell am I even doing here? Like, I’m not writing anything of value, and when I do actually put a tiny bit of effort into what I write, it gets shit on by the shit police of shitsville USA.

No one’s home, no one’s knocking. This blog has 10 email subscribers, yet each article is read by less than 5 lost souls. It’s like, why do I even bother writing what it is I write, if no one bothers to give two shits about it?

Yet, I continue on publishing these abominations hoping for some internet fame that shall never be blessed upon me. I know if I were to focus on writing quality shit, my shit would be read by more people, and I may even manage to get a regular reader along the way.


Honestly though? I just don’t give a flying fudge anymore. (fudge you internet censorship!)


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