Attention all drones and fanboys, it is now time for you to hate me again, for you see, my favourite home console of the next generation is not the PlayStation 4, or even the Xbox One. It is none other than Nintendo’s Wii U!

Nintendo’s not the biggest player right now, at least not in regards to the home console market. Hell, they don’t even appear to be interested in selling their devices, due to the absolute lack of any kind of formidable advertising efforts. They’re also being outsold by practically every other next gen console out there, and depending on the week, even the original Wii has been doing slightly better than the Wii U. 

Does that mean that the Wii U is a failure? Hell no, it doesn’t! If anything, I’d even go as far as to say that Nintendo’s Wii U is the ultimate next generation gaming machine, surpassing every other next gen console by pure creativity and imagination alone. Nintendo has a vision, and that vision involves fun and creative experiences. That’s why they pioneered motion gaming in 2006, as they opened up developers to new control possibilities. (even though developers turned it into a money-making gimmick, but that’s beside the point)
The Wii U is by far the most unique and creative system around. It combines motion, touch and traditional control schemes together in harmony. Yes, Sony has a touch pad, and Microsoft has a camera. These two technologies were nothing more than afterthoughts, as they saw (and tried to copy) the success Nintendo had with the original Wii, and now, especially with Sony, the creative freedom of the Wii U. That isn’t to say that Sony’s blatant attempt at copying Nintendo won’t provide its own unique gaming moments. (that swipe thing in Killzone: Shadow Fall is pretty… innovative)

Honestly, it’s as if Sony lovers and Microsoft fans are blind to the facts. Sony copied Nintendo and OnLive. Microsoft did something unique, but ultimately failed with lack of developer support. Nintendo is the only company left within this polluted industry that still cares about providing unique gaming experiences. They understand that games require new control schemes to truly evolve, and Nintendo is most certainly providing entirely new ways to play.


“But the tech is meh in the Wii U” the uneducated cry. “The PS4 is more powerful” they banter. 

If you honestly believe that technology > games, you need to sit back and breath in a fresh breath of reality. The power of a given device in no way enhances the overall gameplay experience. Under that logic, most indie video games would be absolute failures, due to the nature of indie developers. From twin stick shooters to arcade side-scrollers. If graphical horsepower truly mattered, indies wouldn’t exist.
Gaming has never been about graphical realism, and it never will be. Sure, there’s a small group of people that enjoy having realistic graphics, but these people can hardly consider themselves to be ‘gamers’. They upgrade their computers every few months, just so they can achieve the maximum settings at unrealistic frame rates. They do this not because they are gamers, but because they falsely believe that they have to. It’s a certain mindset, and nothing more.
Gamers are people who enjoy playing video games. You play because it is fun. You enjoy the experiences that a good game can give you.
Now, if you only ever play a single type of game, such as a generic first person shooter, you’re not a gamer. You’re a person that enjoys the experience, yes. However, if you only ever play the latest Call Of Duty or Battlefield, and if you knock all games away, calling them “dumb” or “stupid”, you’re not a gamer, you’re a fan of war. You’re a fan of violence. You’re a drone. Simple as that.

Nintendo is trying to cater to all types of gamers, including those that enjoy fast paced shooters like Call of Duty. Sure, Nintendo isn’t currently known for the hardcore franchises, they have been doing a good job at ensuring that there’s something for everyone on their systems. Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Super Mario 3D World. Assassin’s Creed IV and Pikmin 3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Sonic Lost World. Simply put, Wii U is the ultimate game console, featuring third party titles and first party masterpieces.

If you do not yet own a Wii U, you’re probably not a gamer. You’re likely happy sitting at home, on your ass, playing the latest Call Of Duty or Battlefield. If that makes you happy, power to you. Just don’t go ahead and consider yourself a gamer, as if you (for some illogical reason) hate Nintendo, or otherwise dislike the Wii U, you’re missing out on some amazing games.
Seriously, just because Nintendo focuses on creating fun and unique titles, doesn’t make them a ‘kiddy company’. It makes them a game company. The one and only game company still in existence.
Literally, Nintendo’s all we have. They’re the only game company left in this industry. Sony makes electronics, Microsoft makes operating systems. Nintendo makes games.

So please, if you call yourself a gamer, go out and buy the Wii U. You need this unit in your collection. 

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