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Android broken?

Since upgrading my phone to the latest version of Android, everything has been super slow, and my phone has been getting extremely warm. Currently sits at 43.1 Celsius. Also, WiFi keeps crashing, and occasionally my phone will do a full restart for seemingly no reason. It just turns off and back on by itself.

I can’t tell if my phone itself is broken, and needs to be replaced… Or if it’s Android just being Android. Either way, I’m really considering a new phone. Maybe a Windows 10 phone, once they release. (or have they already?)
Those phones are literally full computers in your pocket. Like, it’s insane. So yeah I definitely want one.

Oh, and battery drain is insane now. Also I keep getting a stupid warning telling me that the application is low on memory. Android is also using a ton of RAM. Like, 500 MB to 1GB.  That’s just for the operating system, not apps like Chrome or Facebook.

I swear, it’s damn near unusable. Anyone else having these issues?