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Human Medium: Electric Earth – Part 2

The blue bolt of spiritual lightning bounced over my stretched out hand, and made its way up my arm and into my body. Although the bolt took less then a second to pass through me, the emotional reaction to my internal spirit seemed to never have an end. The lightning bolt has collected the emotions and memories from thousands of lost souls before me, and I am now capable of viewing the lives of others. The memories go back hundreds of years, but are limited only to the people who have lived in my local area. 
Within the time period of one nanosecond, I've lived and experienced just over one hundred thousand lives. I've seen life through the eyes of others, and have been married over seventy five thousand times within the last three hundred years. Although I died at the age of 14, my new memories have given me three hundred years of knowledge. If only my old history teacher could see me now, I'd likely ace every test he could throw at me. 
I really must consider going home, as my mother must be worried sick......Cancer?......How much money does.......

"Please inform me of any irregularities you may be experiencing." a far-off voice said. 
"Carl, you must fight the urge of your past realities, and accept the true nature of your existence." 

Carl? Why does that name sound so... Right, I'm Carl. And I'm dead. I think. I did die, right? 

"The emotions you are feeling are not your own. Carl. Ca...r......l.....?"

I awoke in the middle of the street to the sound of falling rain. Although not wet, I could feel a dampness in the air, sort of like a cold and musty basement. I'm uncertain as to where I am, since there are no reconizable landmarks. The last thing I remember, is I was standing on the road just outside of my house. There was a glowing cat, and bolts of lightning. I remember letting one of those bolts pass through me. The emotions and memories, I remember those too. Although they're more of a haze, than a motion picture. But why am I standing in the middle of a street? How the hell did I even get here? Did I do one of those spirit jumps, which are always seen in movies. Did I somehow teleport to this street without consciously knowing it? And what the hell happened to the cat, and the bolt of blue lightning? 

I stood up, dazed and confused. Oddly, I felt a pain in my lower back. I heard a loud sound coming from behind me, and noticed that I was casting a shadow on the road. I turned around just in time to see a large silver angel, which appeared to be flying towards me at an unnervingly fast speed. One second later, I was flying through the air.