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The True Story Of Hammy the Magical Hamster

Ever wondered why I always reference¬†magical hamsters on this here blog? You probably thought it was to increase my views, or something. (I ain’t got no views)

A couple of years ago, I had a hamster that was capable of escaping and surviving within my cat-infested house for days on end. He was, quite simply, a magical hamster. We called him Hammy. (mock his name and he shall smite you from hamster hell!)


Now, Hammy wasn’t just your everyday hamster, he was a cute little fuzzball that would put Houdini to shame, and look adorable while doing it. You see, he could escape from any cage, even those super expensive Habitrail cages that were said to be ‘escape-proof’ by pet-care professionals people.

He even managed to escape and trap himself under the wheel of this exact cage, which as you can imagine, is pretty hard to do. (note: couldn’t find the cage on Google Images, so just pretend you saw a pretty amazing cage with a big wheel to get stuck under)

Still though, that wasn’t his most amazing escape routine. He actually managed to escape his cage, which was positioned on a raised platform five feet in the air, get all the way down to the ground without breaking his cute little neck, and survive three whole days in a house filled with three cats and one dog.

Sure, my cats were pretty damn stupid, and my dog was a big doofus. That still doesn’t quite explain how my poor little Hammy survived three entire days on his little own self, ¬†with no food or water. He wasn’t even phased by it, and managed to live a happy (albeit slightly safer life) for a whole year after his great escape.


So, that is why I love hamsters. That is why I reference magical hamsters on this blog. That is why I’m writing this very article.

Hammy was a wizard. He was a magical hamster, and he will forever be a part of me.

(little known fact, I reference Hammy in every single game, website and operation I create)