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Blogging To An Empty Crowd

I just wanted to state that, although I myself am operating my own super underpopulated blog, blogging itself, and the act of blogging, is a greatly outdated, underloved, underappreciated uber colossal waste of time. Matched only by Twitter with useless posts and idiotic rants, blogging (and possibly Twitter) should be removed from the internet, banned from the airwaves, and just destroyed in an epic explosion of nuclear proportions.


Call me a hypocrite, call me a liar. Call me a nerd with his pants on fire. Honestly, I don’t fucking care! Just don’t call me a blogger. Please, don’t. I have nothing to say. I have nothing to share. I have nothing of thought. I have nothing to write. So just, bugger off. Read something else. Read a novel. Write a novel. Do something productive with your life. Go outside. Eat an apple. Just don’t ever read another blog or Twitter post again. Seriously, you’re better than that.

So take the advice of this random internet stranger. Get A Life, or at the very least, start reading something that is moderately educational, such as this blog. Seriously, this somewhat motivational article could be perceived as being intelligent, especially if the reader has a below average IQ. I’m not asking for much, nor do I give a shit either way. I’d much rather you go somewhere else, and read the latest article on Reddit about a panda eating a baby, or why the latest gaming consoles are like a guy from that meme that no one finds funny anymore.

If you wish to throw your life away, you may as well do it properly, and with the help of my insane mind. With this insane post. With this legit (yet insane) blog.