Today, Sony announced that their PlayStation Now cloud streaming service would be available for $19.99 a month,and would include 100 PS3 games at launch. The service will only be accessible on the PlayStation 4, with more devices being added in the near future, including the PlayStation Vita.

While I have no doubt that PlayStation Now’s subscription service will be immensely popular, I can’t help but to question the rather limited amount of value provided. Especially when their competition offers a vastly superior service at a far lower price.

The OnLive PlayPack is a bundle of over 250 games, including massive hits like Batman: Arkham City, and Indie masterpieces like Rogue Legacy. OnLive is available on virtually every device, and with such a massive game library, it’s hard to argue that the OnLive PlayPack is truly the best deal in gaming.

I mean, come on. OnLive is virtually identical to PlayStation Now, except it has more games, more features, is compatible with more devices, and is available in more countries. Better yet, it’s only $9.99 per month.

I just don’t see the value with PS Now. It’s just a lesser service, with a bigger price. The only advantage it has is the Sony brand, which could mean a lot in the near future. But for now, it’s a pointless investment. Plus, Sony isn’t exactly known for having a reliable network, so I am rather curious to see how Sony manages thousands of concurrent users. My guess? They won’t be able to keep up, and their services will lag.